Accidentally Sent Litecoin to my Bitcoin Wallet Address


I accidentally sent my Litecoin from my Bittrex account to the address of my Bitcoin wallet from my Ledger Nano S. Bittrex shows the transfer as completed. Not sure on how this is possible, but does anyone know how I’d go about getting my Litecoin back?

I was hearing something about importing my private key from my Bitcoin wallet to my Litecoin wallet, but I’m not sure how this would be done. I’m not even sure how to acquire my private key from my Ledger Nano S.

Any help would be appreciated.


it wont confirm no matter what bittrex says…
you will have to email bittrex about it to get them to cancel the transaction if it does not cancel on its own…

plug the transaction id into and I bet its not a valid transaction id…

if it is then you’d just obtain the private key for the address it was sent to and sweep that…however bitcoins will not confirm on litecoin and litecoin will not confirm on bitoicn…2 diff chains…its the exchanges not having the “cancel Transaction option” yet that’s the main problem…goodluck


I don’t know why exchanges don’t uses algorithms to detect if the address type in is valid for the coin intended to be send, it cant be that hard.

contact the bittrex support, explain the situation, and ask them to cancel that transaction.

Be more careful next time

good luck


Yes, I’ve contacted Bittrex already and they basically told me that they couldn’t do anything since the transaction was already complete. They just suggested that I contact people from the Litecoin community.


well the transaction never completed and was never broadcast to the blockchain…you can type the transaction id into and if it comes up invalid then they are wrong…and I’d reopen another ticket stating this information along with the links showing the transaction was never broadcast to the blockchain


Unfortunately, is showing the transaction as having 6+ confirmations and says it’s irreversible.


then you sent litecoin to a litecoin address or bitcoin to a bitcoin address…litecoin address doesn’t work in bitcoin software and via verca


prove it…
what is the transaction id and the address’ you used? sending address…receiving address and transaction id…


I know it’s not supposed to work like that, but it happened. See for yourself.

Trans ID: 4b7efa37bcb885a7796c9d06c3f34cfc92b7a4383e4a0d146ec1c2bd599c6906
Address: 3Eo6WQpnprGgTYxmDLCAtyDacKYTxKUESm


that transaction is not found on bitcoins blockchain…so it has not confirmed and it will not confirm

btw the address you used is a multisig address just so you know…all exchanges use multisig wallets which is why the transaction got sent on their end but will be pending forever until they cancel it


3Eo6WQpnprGgTYxmDLCAtyDacKYTxKUESm is a litecoin address and only comes up as a litecoin address…does not show up on the bitcoin blockchain
there is no possible way you created this address using bitcoin

the address does show up on the litecoin blockchain so the only way you are going to be able to retrieve those coins is to obtain the private key to the address: 3Eo6WQpnprGgTYxmDLCAtyDacKYTxKUESm and sweep it into a litecoin core wallet if you don’t already have it
more than likely you just need to sign the transaction using the address you used to create the multisig address

open litecoin core’s console under helps debug window and type:
signtransaction 4b7efa37bcb885a7796c9d06c3f34cfc92b7a4383e4a0d146ec1c2bd599c6906 3Eo6WQpnprGgTYxmDLCAtyDacKYTxKUESm

this should show your coins in your litecoin wallet


It’s the address I copied from my Bitcoin wallet from my Ledger Nano S. I’ve verified it several times. Yes, I’ve been told by a few others that I’ll need to obtain the private key for this address, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I’ve contacting Ledger Wallet in order to find out how to retrieve the private key, but at this point I’m unsure. Any ideas?


type that address into its a litecoin address…sounds like you need to contact ledger…it is a multisig litecoin address to be exact
I am pretty sure that ledgers don’t show private keys and only give 12 word see phrases…
see if there is a way you can “export” the wallet “with the private key contained” (this option is available is some seed wallets)
I don’t know about ledger though…your going to need to contact ledger though because it is their seeded wallet that generated the address to begin with

if you can export the wallet to file then you can import it from file to other software and retrieve the coins


Hi Ryan

if you still need help recovering those 29.998 litecoins I have some ideas to try.

We can talk via email or Skype


Yes, I do actually. Please contact me on my email at [email protected]


I am having the same issue as CoinLite1. Any help much appreciated.


I believe you have a few things to try however it may take some time and some help to get you through it.
I believe it may be possible to get your bitcoin private key and gain access to that account on the litecoin blockchain.
Its a process that has been used quite a few times when people make chains that bitcoin owners can claim the same ammount of (whatever coin) that they had in bitcoins on the new blockchain. lumens did it i believe and some others.

I would suggest going and doing this first.

And then start by trying just trying to gain the private key of the bitcoin electrum wallet and restoring it on the litecoin electrum wallet. It may not be that simple but its worth it as a first step.

My second suggestion is to do what these guys are suggesting here. Post #16

They are walking through a process that may seem daunting but really is made easy if you’re using the electrum wallet.

You are surely going to need some help with all this if you get stuck. I think the biggest tip i just gave is that its been done before for new blockchains allowing bitcoin holders to claim stake. it is a idea of fair distribution or whatever.

Let us know how you go. I personally have not had to do this but i understand that you can infact send litecoins to a bitcoin address of this type. Being that Litecoin uses the same ‘3’ prefix as Bitcoin for P2SH. Good luck and hope this helps a bit.

Please not that electrum also support a litecoin wallet.


These are the directions I received from devbitcoin on Reddit, who’s helped numerous people with the same issue on Reddit. I haven’t tried it just yet, but I’ll let you know if it works.

You’re going to need a fully synced Litecoin-qt install for this to work, which may take 5-10 hours.

  1. Open up this page,, and
  2. Copy your private key into the Wallet Details tab on Scroll to the bottom and copy the “Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]):” value.
  3. Go to the page and move around your mouse until the Wallet Details tabs appears. Put in the hex key from the previous step in here.
  4. Select and copy the compressed WIF key (NOT the one starting with 6). Also keep note of the “Litecoin Address Compressed” from the first half of the page (starting with L)
  5. Open up Litecoin-qt, then head into the debug console.
  6. Run importprivkey “” (with quotes).
  7. Once the import finished, run addwitnessaddress “”.
  8. Wait for this import to finish as well. Take the M-address from the console and use this tool to convert it to a 3-Address.
  9. If the funds haven’t shown up yet, close Litecoin-qt.
  10. Restart Litecoin-qt along with a rescan. This varies by OS, and in most cases will happen automatically if you wait for 10 minutes or so before restarting.

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It worked after all. I just received all my Litecoin back in full. If you have trouble working through the directions I just posted, I highly suggest you contact “devbitcoin” on Reddit. I didn’t really know what I was doing to be honest and I basically let devbitocoin do everything and in just a couple of hours I had my Litecoin back, minus a tip. If you have any hesitant like I was, just read all his post and reviews of the people he/she has helped.


I did the same thing! Thank you for this post. I was able to contact devbitcoin and he is my new HERO! Totally trustworthy and helped me sort it out immediately.