Accidentally Sent Litecoin to my Bitcoin Wallet Address


Very good instructions. Thanks for sharing. I had the exact same issue and was easily able to get through all 10 steps. After the rescan completed, my Litecoin was available in Litecoin Core. I can now send to the Litecoin address on my Nano S.


I comited the same mistake, can u help me with a lead to resolve this?


follow those 10 steps above assuming you have an “M” address that you can convert to a “3” address you can redeem the coins by adding the witness for the converted address’ private key…


but i dont have the private key and zebpay is not going to share the private key with me. Is there a way of retreving the private key ??


No…unfortunately you must have the private key…
Do they give you a 12 word recovery phrase for the wallet? Not a signin username and password…but… a “wallet recovery phrase”? It is the only other way to recover besides a private key…


Will this process work with a Trezor as well? Where do I find my Private Key?


it only works if you have the WIF key (wallet Import Format)
a trezor private key is a sha256 hash of you 24 or 12 word phrase with no spaces…then your public key is generated form that using the elliptical curve calculation…you should be able to just go to and after you get to the next screen by moving the mouse to make it count to zero…click “wallet details” and enter your 24 words with no spaces in the box labeled “private key” then click view…it will say it is not a valid key…and ask you if you want to make a brain wallet using the information you just typed…click yes and the “L” address on the right side should be the same as the one containing your coins

unless your address starts with a “M” or “3” already
if it does not and is a “L” address you should be able to use that private key you just made…import it and “addwittness” to it


Thank you very much for your quick reply and attempt to help me. Unfortunately, I’m totally lost with all of this. You see, I’m very new to the cryptocurrency world and I’m also 62 years old, so much of what I read is completely baffling to me.

I wrote to GDAX/Coinbase for help and have heard nothing in more than 24 hours. I also contacted Trezor about 12 hours ago, again with no response.

It looks like my 15 Litecoins are lost and never to be recovered… An expensive mistake on my part. I suppose I should resign myself to being too old and technically incompetent to invest in Cryptos.

Thanks again for being so generous with your time and attempting to help me.

Very Best Regards!


I had just about given up. But I was dong some reading on a thread on Reddit and found this link posted for Trezor wallets. I used it and recovered my Litecoins. Amazing that I did not find this link anywhere in the Trezor FAQ or User’s Manual.


Cool…Good information to know…


Thanks again, without your help, I probably never would have found Reddit.


Made same mistake but with Ledger, which doesn’t provide a handy recovery tool. Following steps on Reddit, I’ve discovered the correct ‘M’ address of the lost coins, and recovered the private key.

How do I go from having the address and key to having the LTC on my Ledger device?


you would have to import your private key…or “sweep paper wallet”…same thing

if you use a core wallet on an external hard dirve or usb stick (saving the blockchain to that device with a batch file) you can import private keys in console with importprivkey (key) as the command


The M-address where my LTC ended up is legit, I checked that, but the private key I generated returns null when I try to import it in Litecoin Core.

I used the mnemonic code converter at Not sure where to go next. The BIP Derivation Path might’ve been wrong since Ledger doesn’t publish it (or anything else useful) anywhere.

If you’ve got any other suggestions, I’d be grateful.



I’m the guy from reddit previously mentioned in this thread.

@screeg: The private key you generate will import an L-address after you run it in Litecoin-qt. You need to follow it with the addwitnessaddress command, which should then output the correct M-address in your console, and add it to the wallet.

Once that’s done, you need to close Litecoin-qt and open it again with the -rescan option. If you’re on Linux:

<path-to-Litecoin-qt> -rescan in a terminal

If you’re on Windows, create a shortcut to the Litecoin-qt application, right click, edit the properties, and add -rescan to the end of the target.

If you’re on OS X, run <>/ -rescan in a terminal

Feel free to message me on reddit if you/anyone else has any issues and chances upon this thread. I’m devbitcoin on reddit as well.

I will post a link to my profile here on /r/devbitcoin as proof that I’m actually the same person.


Proof of being the same guy as on reddit.


Still forever grateful for your help!


got the same problem here, have sent litecoins to a bitcoin wallet.
i am trying to do the ten step fix that litecoin1 posted on oct 28
but when i go to put my private key into it tells me its not valid.
can anyone help me out with this?


@devbitcoin. Slightly different situation but I accidentally sent my pay tokens to my blockchain wallet Id instead of the receiving address. I sent them from coinspot and it says complete.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to all this and have no idea where to start and I’m stressing out.



sent them from what?..and are there any confirmations? do you have a transaction id?

…if you used a core wallet then just right click the transaction and click" abandon transaction"

if there are no confirmations then you have nothing to worry about…but a core or downloaded software wallet should not allow to send to anything but an address…unless you used raw code then it still wont confirm because a “blockchain wallet id” is not a valid Litecoin or Bitcoin address and you cannot send between blockchains no matter who says what…just because the math works the same for segwit on both chains does not mean the two chains can communicate with one another…
3 address are valid on both litecoin and bitcoin blockchains but dont send to each other

also blockchain wallet is’s are not bitcoin or litecoin address’ so you need to contact what ever website admin you used and tell them to cancel the transaction…