Accidentally Sent Litecoin to my Bitcoin Wallet Address


I sent them from coinspot, to my block chain wallet ID. It’s my first investment in trying to learn the ropes and I have clearly stuffed up. I did it just over 12 hrs ago. On my coinspot account it says it is completed. But I know it can’t be. There is no buttons for cancelling or abandoning it.

Thanks for your help


then you need to contact who ever runs “coinspot” and tell them to cancel the transaction…

btw try to avoid online wallets in the future…download a wallet from for your device and make a backup and keep it safe…


I don’t understand step 8?
You just say use this tool to convert the M-address to the 3-address. What tool are you talking about?
Can you provide more details with this step?


this one


What do I then do with the 3-Address?
Do I enter it somewhere into litecoin core or the wallet somehow?
I’m a fair bit out of my depth with this stuff.



you dont need to do anything with it…other than verify that it is the 3 address that was created by the M address which was created from the L address you know the coins are suppose to be in…

if you already have your private keys imported into your wallet but cant see your coins and on block explorers like show the coins sent to an M or 3 address

you just need to tell your wallet to show P2SH transactions by starting it from command line correctly and your coins will show up because you have the private key once you show the transactions and rescan the blockchain for transactions belonging to the keys in your wallet…using the command
for windows
litecoin-qt.exe -permitbaremultisig0 -reindex -rescan
./litecoin-qt -permitbaremultisig0 -reindex -rescan
open -a litecoin-qt -permitbaremultisig0 -reindex -rescan

you cannot send coins between block chains…segwit math works to 3 address that are valid on both litecoin and bitocin blockchains but the networks cannot talk to each other

(assuming your coins are shown on the blockchain to the 3 address) go to and select litecoin and enter your 3 address and make sure the coins were sent to it first…then select bitcoin and paste the address and search again…notice the difference

if they were sent to an L address then you don’t need to view P2SH transactions in your wallet but if the coins are locked behind a M or 3 address then using -permitbaremultisig0 -reindex -rescan is all you should have to do…

If the coins were sent to an L address then you may just need to run -reindex -rescan by themselves
you can also rescan from console


Sorry, I’m kinda new to this but I also had the same issue but used Bitstamp. I reached out to them for my private key a week ago and haven’t heard anything. Is there anything I can do on my own to obtain my Litecoin without my private key?


the issue with online wallets is they cnt allow giveing out private keys when they are responsible for your funds…if you have the private key then you are the one responsible to ensure the funds are not lost…
Bitstamp does have a good rep though so u might have luck with them helping to recover your funds…
if it is “confirmed” on the blockchain there is nothing bitstamp can do for you though…blockchain transactions CANNOT be “reversed or edited”

but yea the steps above will only work if you have imported your private key belonging to the set off address(L, M, and 3) that were originally created by the private key…

if you sent the funds to your wallet then you already have you private key
however if the address you sent to is an address on an exchange then all you can do is let the exchange recover your account

If the address you sent to is in your wallet
you can double check you have the private key in there in litecoin-qt by opening
"help tab"/“debug window”/“console"
and typing importaddress (address)
if you have the private key it will return
"private key already in wallet”

if not then you would just import a “watch only” wallet which is what site like are for all wallets(public information)

if you sent the funds to an address you created with your wallet then you already have the private key…
and no one else but you has it…unless you gave out your wallet file to someone or something like that…


Whelp! You’ve confirmed mostly everything I’ve been reading… I guess I’ll have to wait for Bitstamp to get back to me. Thanks for the info though!!


So, I think we did the same thing here. using a nano ledger S, we sent some LTC to a BTC address. On blockcypher it shows the transaction occurring, but being sent to a 3 address. it also shows the funds as “unspent”. After reading this forum, it seems that I need to find somewhat to change my 3 address to an M address, and that I need to obtain my ledgers private key. After that, i’m way in the weeds. any help would be so appreciated. i’ve reviewed CoinLite1’s steps by step instructions from Oct. 28, but i’m afraid I’m not sure how to get started (litecoin-qt?).


first…where did you get that 3 address from? you litecoin wallet or bitcoin wallet?

Segregated witness address’ start with"3"…Segwit is an implementation on both bitcoin and litecoin blockchains but the networks CANNOT talk to one another…

notice how you see you transaction listed as “unspent”? that’s because it is locked behind your litecoin 3 address and will only be considered “spent” when you send it to a new address…spending the coins


The 3 address was generated by the Ledger Nano S. I entered that into coinbase to “send”. At the time I hadn’t downloaded the Litecoin application for the Ledger, so I did everything out of the Bitcoin app.


ok…then get your private key that belongs to the 3 address in bitcoin…then import it into your litecoin wallet.


WIF is calculated differently between litecoin and bitcoin. so you cant import without converting the private key first to litecoin’s WIF…

so you will have to get the bitcoin WIF private key from your wallet…
convert it to the actual 256-bit private key…using this:

once you have your 256-bit actual private key…

then go to and enter that actual private key in the “wallet details” section…it will convert it to a Litecoin WIF key…
then import to your litecoin wallet…


thank you for the advice and support! I’ll give it a shot.


one additional question. Is the private key specific to the coin or the wallet?


Hey @devbitcoin

I have the same problem that i send my litecoin to a bitcoin wallet adress. tell me they cant help me and wont give me the private key.

I have the litecoin adress from block cypher.
Even with the instuctions in this forum i cant do it, maybe i get too old lol
I dont even know if its still possible to send it to my litecoin wallet.
does that work somehow?



you have different types of private keys

WIF (wallet Import Format) is what Core wallet uses and what the portable version of electrum uses

xpriv is used my Electrum current version and any HD wallet

you can convert the private keys with python pycoin and pybitcointools or you can check out sites like this:

which accepts many different types of formats as well
there is a well working download version at the bottom of the page
is a calculator you can download at the bottom of the page and use offline as well


thanks, nice resources!


Thanks it really worked, excellent!!! You’ve made my day :slight_smile: