Accidentally Sent Litecoin to my Bitcoin Wallet Address


Hello - an you please help me recover my LTC coins transferred from coinbase accidentally to my BTC nano ledger ? I cant seem to find them anywhere :frowning:
I am happy to provide a small reward :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance


Hey man, I am having an issue with sending LTC to a BTC address, I am not sure if you can help or if you know how to contact devbitcoin? Thank you!


Hi, i’ve made the same mistake of sending litecoin to bit coin adress can you Pls assist me?
my email is [email protected]
Thank you


I got stcked here at no.5. Litecoin-qt seemed not valid.
5. Open up Litecoin-qt, then head into the debug console.


i did not inderstand steps 6-8
can you pls assist


Please help me i just did the same tranfered 27 litecoins to my bitcoin wallet


Hi I have sent 27 litecoins to my bitcoin wallet can you please help me I will pay


Please help me i just did the same thing sent 27 litecoins to my bitcoin wallet


any txid ? or what wallet you sent it from ?


I spoke with a Gentleman from rhis page who has helped others and he said he couldn’t help me and I had to deal with btcmarkets :no_mouth::no_mouth: praying they will help or the transaction will cancel after 30 days I have been told Devbitcoin tried to help… I am spewing as it is so much money for me. If anyone could share a similar experience with a good outcome that would be great


whats your problem again, you just said that you did the same as other users, mind explaining?


Hi Mate, i sent all my litecoins from btcmarkets to my bitcoin wallet


Hello all, I’m new to this and in a bad way and your need help. I WILL PAY in coin or cash transfer.

I too have sent litecoin to a bitcoin address via, it isn’t showing in my greenbits wallet as they only deal with bitcoins.

I have checked the blockchain and I can see that the coins are there but I have no way of getting them or sending them to another wallet.

i sent them to a wallet starting with the number 3 and I don’t have a password or anything like that…

can anyone help?

Thank you for reading this in my desperate times…


They will automatically return to your wallet soon


Hi I accidently sent my litecoin to a btc address that I had on paxful. Is there anyway to recover my litecoin

Wallet: 3746wrYNcT1Ucvzg4sHNEaQ5t8wPzKztiw
Please find the TXID below:


I did something similar to the OP. I was attempting to make an exchange of cryptos on Changelly. I was confused by the process and ended up sending my Litecoins to a multisig 3 address I think Changelly created. I have contacted Changelly about it, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. Will the above processes allow me to get my coins back. When I check my transaction on blockcypher I can see the address my coins went to and they are labeled as unspent. I have no idea what to do and any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to cryptos and the dialogue is a bit confusing for me.


I’m in the same boat as you. I’m kind of panicking and I feel really stupid. Anyone that can help me get my coins back I will definitely tip them and make it worth your while.


Yeah, I have had a similar bad experience and I desperately could use some help. I tried using Changelly to exchange currencies but I was confused by the process. Somehow I ended up sending my Litecoin to a 3M address through Changelly. The currencies in my transaction made no sense so I don’t know how the coins ever left my Coinbase account. The transaction should have never happened, and yet I can see the address my coins went to on blockcypher labeled as unspent. I have no idea if I can get them back or how to do it if it is possible. It was 27.4 Litecoins. I’m very upset this happened because it was a lot of Litecoin gone. I’m waiting for Changelly to get back to me. I gave them the txid and address it went to. Anyone who can help me I would be forever grateful for.


Speak to Devcoin I have herd he is the man for getting your coins back mate


Hello. I recently had a similar problem as others on here as I outlined below to another user. I saw your instructions outlined above by CoinLite but I don’t know what I’m doing. I tried to figure it out, but I simply need help. If you can help me get my coins back I would reward you. Thanks!