Antminer D3 + L3+'s available


Hey guys,
I have multiple batches of D3’s and L3’s coming.

Sept 15-25: 3x + 3x PSU - 1.1 BTC each
Oct 15-25: 8x + 7x PSU - 0.95 BTC each
Nov 1-15: 3x + 3x PSU - 0.85 BTC each

Oct 20-30: 2x + 2x PSU - 0.85 BTC each

Proof of orders:

email me: [email protected] if you are interested


Escrow accepted.


are l3+ still available


How much are you charging for the L3
I’ll buy 2 of them from you?
Please don’t “price gouge” me! lol


I have two L3+ with PSUs shipping a month earlier, so it’s avl now. email me if interested eddie AT