Antminer d3 low price September batch



We have 60 units pre order on bitmain manufactor for 25-30 september. 50 units sold out (we can introduce our customers if they agreed)

Note : the price is diffrent and depends how many do you want.price start at 3600$ and goes to 4500$ for one unit
all of our units included power supply

payment method is perfectmoney , paypal ,and bitcoin just! please dont send spam if you do not agree with our terms

verify step with passport and your face in front your passport for more trust and know each other

we can send it worldwide in most of countries.

Reply this email if you are intrested in , tell us how many do you want and make your order.

we hope to can make more trust for future.

[email protected]


Sell 10xAntminer L3+ (21-30 September Batch)

paypal payment method added


2 more units sold


post update


post update . 5 last units


miners in stcok now


update post

Miners in stcok

Fast shipping (DHL,Fedex)