Antminer L3 and L3+ Questions--any L3 for sale?


Hi Everyone,

I’m brand new to mining. I was looking at mining dash (just bought a Balkai Cube) and Litecoin.

Unfortunetly, it looks like I can’t get my hands on any Litecoing miners (i’ve looked everywhere–inbetween all the scammers lol).

My question is, am I late to the party? What’s you opinions?

I am thinking of ordering the Antminer L3+ from bitmain, but I won’t recieve my batch until Sept. Now my question is, will it be worth it to buy it now and wait until Sept to start, or will it not produce as much, or the next best thing will come out?

I’ve noticed with my little reseach that this seems to be a chase your tail sort of game with mining, every 5 months the next, more powerful miner comes out.

So, in your opinions, is it worth it to buy the L3+ now?

Does anyone have a L3 for sale or know where I can get one, even if its used?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to being on this board


No one can be certain what the difficulty will be that far form now…difficulty was around 145,000 for a long time then it went to 150,000 over night and now its at over 252000 now…all that happened with in a few months…I was making .25 ltc every day at 50mh/s and now I am lucky to get .08 every day at 50 mh/s; so its your call on if something is profitable in the future…I bought my miners when they were not profitable to run at all…

but now with the price going back up I am earning good…only reason I made out is because I saved all my mining earnings when it was only $4 for a ltc until it went up…where I stand now I got all my investment back and then some and I am making all profit now…so it worked out in my favor but if I were to buy the same miners now I would never get my money back…

all investments are risky and if u want my opinion I would never wait that long for a miner…just go to and get a decent Avalon or something to start with and see what you make before you go letting all that money sit out waiting to earn it back…I cant stand it when I order a miner and I am expecting to plug it in on a certain day then all the sudden there is a problem with shipping or something…every second longer I am waiting is money I am loosing in my eyes…

however…here’s the thing about mining…even though I only have 50mh/s within a period of 6 months I have found 2 blocks…but since I mine for a PPS pool I don’t get paid for finding those blocks…now if I had been mining solo it would be more than worth it as the current block reward is 25 LTC…so it all depends on your hardware…connection speed…how many people are connected to your pool…how many people are all on the network mining at the same time and accepting blocks and if your mining solo or not plus a little luck and you just might hit the bitcoin / litecoin lottery… you can always go here and judge for your self based on their info:

keep in mind I use this same calculator and I have found 2 block with only 30% probability…so it really depends on how long your willing to stare at your miner not making anything or just be able to forget about it until it does find a block or just buy one that you know is fast enough…

sssoooo many variables…
I don’t think its very accurate though because like I said I am making .08-.10 every day and this says I should make that every 30 days…



I am going to start mining MUE.

I already starting mining from a p2p pool but I downloaded the Monetary unit Core - Wallet. At the overview section next to balances and recent transactions I have (out of sync) in red writing?

Any idea how to get this wallet sync’d and working. If not. What wallwt do you use to get your MIR stored in?

Thanks for your help


you wont get anything to or from your wallet until it is entirely synced…if mining using p2pool you should only have to start litecoind.exe deamon to run the p2pool proxy…no need to have the entire wallet open for the getwork function…