Any Real Sellers?


I need real sellers for large quantities of BTC or LTC… I am sick and tired of hearing the term Mandate or Broker…Please if you have real connections and there is not a chain link of brokers involved, I have MAJOR European buyers… These transactions are over 7 digits. email at [email protected] YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PROVE YOU HAVE THE COINS. NOT A LETTER FROM YOUR MOTHER’S BOYFRIEND WHO IS FRIEND OF AN UNCLE WHOSE COUSIN IS A BROTHER OF THE MANDATE.


sure…let me get right on that …snicker…


Will Europe be destroyed by Russia?


Forgot, need someone that is not living at home with their Mama and is over 15 years old. These are exactly the responses I thought I would get


get on bitcointalk…do a couple deals with folk that are legit on there for escrow…(not that you would pick me but look at trust rating and deals…I’d recomend philipma1957 (see trust/deals well known escrow) …his profile (you need to log in bitcointalk to see the trust ratings and such on this profile:;u=64507

…then repost here with you sucess and trust settings from done deals on bitcointalk…and show some cred…

sorry…too many paypal and cc scams…if you are legit…that is your fastest route for sucess…going the crypto forum routes of bitcointalk and here on litecointalk