complete lack of contact with customer


I’ve ordered L4 Dominator from there on April 14.
After a couple days the package arrived at customs.
There was a need for an invoice to be filled by the sender.
I gave them the form of an invoice and asked to fill it and send it back to me.
After that they just stopped replying to my emails.
The product was sent back to Hong Kong and I have no way to get my money back.
Really dissapointing experience. I definetly do not recommend ordering anything from this site.


do you have the address you sent it to? seems like a problem with customs to me since it was sent back to hong kong…it is possible to “sweep” your transaction but is only recommended for advanced users under special circumstances…best to have your wallet empty before trying it…but we can at least try…
I’d recommend only buying from US based companies as customs can be a bitch most of the time…I get my miners from and just let them deal with customs…still takes the 2 weeks or so if the item is coming from china but at least they are us based…


After I’ve posted here and send them the link, they mailed me first time since May 5.
They gonna send the miner again. Hope this time I’ll actually receive it.
I’ll update on any changes


keep em in check…lol


I finally got it, although had to lie to the customs and there has been no contact from the site.
I’m happy anyway cause I was pretty sure I’ll lose all that money.
It looks like the site is legit, but probably understaffed


That sucks. I don’t understand the customs forms, what country are you in? I’m in the U.S. and never had a problem getting miners shipped from China. I get weird forms I don’t really understand but they come after delivery.

I ordered an L3 from Asicminermarket and paid with paypal credit since their site didn’t give me enough confidence to trust them with crypto, they took their time shipping (2 weeks) and the communication is pretty bad because their English isn’t very good but I did get my miner. Besides their prices being high and bad English I had no problems but after reading this if you’re in the U.S. I’ll probably avoid them in the future.


I’m in Poland.
Customs here sometimes asks too many questions and if you don’t know how to cheat them you’ll not get the package


That sucks, yeah the EU also does taxes on miners from what I’ve heard. Still Asicminermarket prices are high, they aren’t scammers but not the best company at all.


this website is blocked
I ordered 2pieces in there…
is there any person to help me?


I’m getting an error trying to access the website the whole day. Does it do this? I’m worried since I ordered a Baikal Giant B there for $8k.