Assistance on a issue I am having compiling


that seems more like a read write error to me…
says the error is in the block header string so the its how you are indexing that is more than likely the issue…usually -reindex when failure to read block from disk errors occur…check the command line options for indexing options…are you using an SSD or HD because SSD’s index different than hard drives do as well…could be a computer setting option you need to set so the wallet knows where to reference the block header from so it knows the chain is in consensus


the hash of the second block is made up of all your transactions but is combined with the previous hash before the hash of the second block is crated…maybe this old bitcoin forum post will help:

you only have one value in your genesis block…so maybe you need two values combined in order to create the genesis block hash as if there were transactions contained in it or something I would think
once the genesis block hash is created then the second block can be built using the previous hash and combining the transactions to come up with a new “Pay to Public key hash”


I still have not been able to get past this error


if your proof of work is invalid then your hashes don’t match…sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance myself


I have the same error ? Did you already solve it ?


Hey wimi, I gave up on forking LTC you need to program a script that will generate a new genesis hash since the one they use doesnt work right.

I ended up forking bitconnect and using their script that generated the genesis on their test net and remade the coin i was trying to make. came out successful :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply !My english is not well, you mean the python script ( GenesisiHO ) generated a wrong genesis hash , I should find another way to get a genesis hash ?


Hi. I met also same problem. So, then copying newest Litecoin is impossible? Then how about newest bitcoin cloning? And are there reason that you chose bitconnect coin for copy?


Its not impossible, I dont understand it enough to figure out how to fork it. I had to fork basically a bitcoin version 0.8


Then how to? Someone said genesis block actually be mined, but how? all the codes found internet is not work. All errors said readblockheader error resulted from pow.cpp’s CheckProofOfWork function. Problem after problem…