Bitmain L4 miner


yeah they told the april 15th batch folk they were shipping too…then said a ‘firmware problem’ so they
could take $$$ and mine to stop seg witness

hell if I was them for the May 5th and July 15th batch I’d keep them all and refund

so not sure if they really are gonna return these to us at current $15.90 usd price don’t ya know

Bitmain (we do evil well) ™


there are a few on ebay but they want like 2200 and up for them…I think I might just be getting an a4 dominator off ebay for now myself…same hash rating just a little more power usage and with the current litecoin price…my small miners are paying for that…


Hello everyone I have 24 Titan cubes to sell total hashing power 1100mh/s. Urgent Moving in a small apartment downtown.



how much and will you sell just a few or one at a time?


$5000 for all


Hello are you still want the cubes


sorry not able to make that kind of purchase at this time…thanks though


Hello there! Whats going on guys?

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