Buy Litecoin With PayPal?


Hi, friend This is my First post in this forum, Today I have lost My Debit card but I decided to Buy some LiteCoin today I have balance in My Paypal account, So anyone here who know how can we buy Litecoin with PayPal.


Never do this. With paypal the person can scream fraud…and keep your LTC and get the transaction made
null and void, with a paypal complaint up to 45 days later…also the same they can do for ASIC equipment…and you are sh*t out of luck. Also can happen with credit cards (Woz of Apple Computer fame, lost 7 BTC on a stolen credit card scam like this…1st the thief pulled the transaction saying Woz was the thief…then dumped the stolen credit card after the fact…

I always use escrow with trusted members on (I know personally by phone).

You MAY have better luck with Ebay…but always a risk…



Oh Ok, Thank you for this suggestion Today I have received my Debit card from My bank after apply for a new card, So Now I Don’t need to Buy NEM with PayPal anymore.