Donate LTC to help a impoverished community in south america



Hello everyone!

My name is Yasmeen I am going on an internship trip to Colombia in october, I was granted this opportunity through an internship company. I will be working with a non profit that works closely with the Colombian community.

I am currently taking donations for my trip, as my program comes with fees but mostly because I am hoping to raise money for school supplies for the children of Girardota (town in the mountains of medellin). If you donate LTC I will include your name on a plaque that will be placed in a class room in the town where I will be donating the supplies.

school is already a hard reality that many children from low income communities have to face in the sense of not having the proper supplies to enrich the learning experience. Although it may not seem like much a pencil can fuel a child’s imagination. A box of crayons can spark creativity!

I have been trying to fund my mission and any little bit helps!!!
I will post a photo of the plaque with everyones names once I get it engraved in a month and a half or so

If anyone wants to donate I Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, I will share photos from my trip along with your name on the plaque at the school.

LTC address : LT8ePfeKZh4tDaUreMUFAdiACGU3dgAHEk