Exchange LTC to BTC - New to this


Hi just started mining LTC yesterday and I am having a hard time converting it to BTC. I need your help guys. Thanks in advance.

I saw Shapeshift but I also saw some not so good reviews, can you give me some more options.


go to an exchange like or…send your coins there…make the exchange…then withdraw…


I’ve used a lot. No problems with them. I have screwed up and sent stuff over the
amount they would allow on a transaction…got a hold of a person in email…and refunded (and mildly scolded) on such.

Does have a lot of coins not supported, (like LISK which I find weird) but it works fast w/o issue.

It is what I use. I have not used it for about 1 year though…been concentrating all my mining to hoarding LTC.

(which is an interesting feeling watching BTC skyrocket and LTC go sideways!)

Can only hope our turn will come :slight_smile:


Likewise, shapeshift good. When I was converting bitcoin trash to bitcoin I used a shapeshift address and sent coins for over a week. When it stopped working I slightly panicked (it was a few K USD worth), emailed them, and got a response the next day that they were working on it. They found the problem, refunded the money, and were exceptionally polite about it.

Professionals. Recommended.


Thanks so much!


Hello, I want to start trading. What do you think about It look very easy to use but maybe you will advise me some?


never heard of it myself but just do your research first…make sure that who ever you buy from has a money exchangers license in the area you reside…such as Shapeshift or coinbase (gdax is the coinbase live exchange)…they have a banking license in every US State so they are legally aloud to sell to US citizens who provide ID according to know your customers laws…you can also use a Bitcoin ATM with no id for under $1000 USD transactions. Bittrex is also a good exchange that has meets all licensing requirements for all coins traded on their servers…
Unregulated exchanges are the ones that you’ll be happy with and one day will not be there…


Thank you for your advice. For me, security is the most important. I read the Coindeal policies and for me they look trustworthy, they follow all of the AML requirements. What do you think?


When it comes to dealing with exchanges…trust is everything…I don’t recommend ever storing coins on an exchange unless you plan to trade them…long term storage or personal use…store them in a wallet that you have the private key for…
I would buy a little and make sure they do everything like not rip you off and such first…
NEVER EVER send anyone a private key if they ask for it! or for any other reason…
I recommend researching how the blockchain works and what public key cryptography is…as long as you have your private key to the wallet address that the coins are in…you control your coins…otherwise you are relying on trust…


There are many ways available to Exhange your LTC to BTC but I would like to suggest you use Changelly that is Simple and easy to use Platform to Exchange LTC to BTC.


Yes, you are right. Coindeal has this pair and I am taking a profit of that