Fixing and hacking KNC Titans and MAT miners because they break from time to time


Define completely broken. Can you measure resistance with an ohmmeter? If so check the resistance between ground (3 pins on top of the PCIe plug) and pins 4,6,8 on the 10 pin header. Let me know the values.

Repairs are 5ltc plus shipping (probably a LTC) and my address is:
Lightfoot Labs
PO box 8791
Elkridge MD 21075

Let me know the tracking number and do not use UPS, use China Post to US Postal service. Works fine.


Just checking in, did you send these out?


Hi @lightfoot I am having issues with my Titans. I powered them off and then turned it back and now it doesn’t boot up. There is a solid red light located next to the SD card that comes on when I power the controller. How can I contact you to fix this?



I’ll send you a PM. Try disconnecting all of the cubes from the controller (with the power off of course) as well as the display then power up and see if the light on the side of the board flashes bright white then goes green. If not I can fix it.



Hi Lightfoot
I found one of my titan cube pci-e connectors over heating and melting the cables it looked like a yellow and black wire was shorting out at the melted wire insulation. The bad cube was disconnected and now i cannot get any cubes to run, the pi light flickers green like normal and the 3 leds light up green, the controller board light goes white and green and the lcd display says knc spimux when the controller light goes green the display just keeps switching between Titan1 and * titan 2.00 repeatedly no i.p address and i cannot access the web interface… please can you help me.
Once i have the 2 operational cubes hashing again i would like you to repair my other 2.
Thank you!



Hm. If you disconnect all cubes, does the problem still happen? It sounds like the cube with the melted connector lost ground and the cube tried to find ground through the controller, blowing the FPGA. I can repair that here (need to send in the controller) but note that this can sometimes damage other cubes on the string. If you feel comfortable with taking the boards out of the cubes sending me the controller, the burned cube, and one other cube would allow me to test the other cube (see if it’s damaged), review the broken cube (see if it can be fixed), and repair the controller.

For everyone else, please run your cubes at 250mhz per die, not 300. 300 on all 4 dies will overheat things.


Hi Lightfoot,

I think I have blown my board on my Knc titan. I had forgot my password and was trying to reset the board with no luck so i shut the miner down a couple of times and the last time i powerd It up something happend and I could feel the smell that the board was burned. Is It possible for you to help me or where I can get a new board?


Hm. Odd but sure send it in. Ill pm you address


Hi lightfoot, I have a board that doesn’t boot.
Can you help?


Sure. What are the symptoms?


i disconnected all cubes and the difference is on the lcd screen it says EmptySpace instead of titan1 which was with one cube attached. When u say you would like the boards i take it u dont want the heatsinks to be attached? Also i am wondering about the pricing of the repairs? can you give me a figure on average of what it costs to repair a cube and for the controller if it is faulty?


Yes, it’s easier to mail in just the hashing boards, then use cooler master heat sink compound to put them back together. Sounds weird, want to send in 2 of your boards and the controller and I’ll see what’s up?


The lcd is white and remains like this. The leds are not changing colors. I unplugged all the cubes, no change. I updated the SD card, no change, I changed the Rpi, no change.


ok will do please can you pm me your address and a rough price on average what a controller board and cube may cost to repair? i need a rough idea because if it costs to much it may not be worth it and i might not be able to afford it. Thanks


lightfoot, I have 2 board that doesn’t not
Can you help?


Sure. Is everyone who is asking able to see my private message replies?



I can not see any PM. Do I need to do something?


Ok, for people who want to private message (PM) me, here is what you do.

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In the meantime, my usual recommendation: Check the condition and temperature of your power plugs! Running them with melted plugs generates more heat and can destroy the cube and the controller if not fixed/cleaned up.


Hello Lightfoot.

I have one titan board that needs fixing. The problem is that it trips the power-supply, so it will not run. I removed the capacitor to check if that was the cause, but it tested fine.

I am UK based, but happy to ship it for repair. Please can you PM me as I cannot send you a message. I tried clicking on your logo to bring up options, but award badges appear.

Kind regards
Peter Campbell


Ok, will do. Include the capacitor in shipping it, I’ll take a look.