Fixing and hacking KNC Titans and MAT miners because they break from time to time


Ok here are the screenshots of my results the first one is with the 150mhz setting and the second is that of the 50mhz setting for all dies. Also if you want to use my personal email you can its quicker [email protected]


Screen shot 2


Well there you go. One die is probably shot, however that first one can run at half speed. Run it at 150-175mhz and keep mining like hell (the bottom two can run at full blast so there’s another 50mhz.


Is there any way to replace the Die or is that a dumb question lol…


Two problems with this: First the die has an insane amount of pads underneath at .3mm pitch, which is hell to reflow. Second I don’t know of a new source of dies.

I am buying a new commercial class reflow oven for another set of projects (Antminers and A6’s) and will be trying some of the shorted boards in this oven to see if an even and comprehensive reflow can fix the solder balls that pop up inside the die. Probably not, but worth a shot.


Sounds good let me know if or when you would be interested.


Selling KNC Titan MIner 5 Cubes all working except 1 Die asking $3,000 taking litecoin payments only. Shipping included withing the US.
more information please contact Chris at

[email protected]



Note: I don’t mind the occasional selling thing item in my thread, just don’t let it get out of hand; this is designed to be a technical thread, not a sales one.


I have a Titan and it looks like the bridgeboard card (not sure if I am calling it correctly - the card that connects to the miners and connects to the Rasberry Pie) – Appears not to be working.

When I power up - I can see the Rasperry Pie cycle through its steps. It blinks the IP Address. But you get a 0 (zero) for the Hash.

I can send you both boards to ensure they work as a unit.

Please let me know pricing and where to send the board to.




Hm. So you get the Titan 2.00 firmware, the green light on the side of the board after the bright white flash, and the IP address, but no cubes? That usually means the problem is in the cubes, but if you would like to send one cube board and your controller board I can test them out.

Will PM you the info.