Forgot my Litecoin wallet passphrase. Please could someone help me bruteforce it


Hello. As the title suggest, I am looking for someone to help me bruteforce my wallet passphrase. Any help would be amazing and I desperately need it. Thank you :slight_smile:


brute force is likely to never find your password in this life time…if oyu have a general idea of it you can use dictionary attack and a wordlist to find it…assuming you have an idea…I am working on one right now for someone and even the word lists I had to modify to be a larger number of characters so it would find it faster becasue he knows its so many characters…

here is John the Ripper: JohnTheRipper so you can extract your password from your wallet.dat file
and here is hashcat:Hashcat to brute force the password if you can get it working

heres a video onhow to use hashcat: hashcat video

however if you can download kali linux: it comes with all that and a version called “Johnny” that is a GUI and is pretty easy to use.

Let me know if you need any help extracting the hash or anything…I am willing to “mine the password” using brute force or dictionary method on my GPU for 1LTC if you’d like me to do it I will need a copy of the wallet.dat file or a copy of the password hash


Hello. Yes I would have no idea on how to use JohnTheRipper and Hashcat. Having a Mac would make this even harder im assuming.

I am willing to give you 1 LTC if you can help me crack this password. I do indeed have a general idea on what the password may be.

Thank you :slight_smile: email me at [email protected] and we can sort everything out. Thanks a lot for your help sir!