Forgot password, have general idea


This is the problem; I do not recall being given a passphrase, and the amount of LTC is significant so I would have followed protocol.
Are you on a position to assist at a distance? Can we communicate privately to agree on terms?


Furthermore, I do recall setting a password (which I recall$ for opening my wallet, nothing more.


open the wallet and click options and if it lets you set a passphrase then the wallet is not encrypted and you can send your coins by just clicking send without a passphrase…

if the only option under “options” it gives you is to change the password then the wallet is encrypted and youll need to get the password to spend the coins


Thanks for the response. As I’m not in possession of this passphrase is there anything that can be fine either the dat. file which I would be prepared to forward to you?


just copy paste it in an email…click my user name and send me a message…then I can send you my email address and I can extract the hash for you in just a few minutes and send it back…I can run it on my laptop here if you have a general idea then I should be able to find it using dictionary method

if using windows go to c:(currentuser)/Appdata/Roaming/Litecoin and then copy the wallet.dat file in that folder


Hey, I got the same problem. My Password isn’t right (While I am almost sure i saved the right one i a document). Can you help me out by cracking my password.?