Forgot Wallet Pass HALP!


do this…to get command prompt to run as admin on all programs even when program is installed under a user file only.
type cmd in your command prompt and when you right click it…instead of clicking" run as admin"…click “open File Location”…then right click “command Prompt” and click “properties”…then click…"advanced in the “shortcut tab” …now select the box “run as administrator”

this should get you properly running as admin…
for some reason right clicking and selecting run as admin does not actually run as an admin…go figure

or just try installing johntheripper directly onto your c drive in a program folder and not in a “user” folder

btw there is no johntheripper.exe…sorry about that…

its john.exe…then select compatibility options…
screw hashcat…it doesn’t work with windows for crap…screw windows I mean…windows thinks everything is malware nowadays

use john.exe and it will hash just fine…
assuming windows defender doesn’t think its malware or something

command is:
john.exe (file) (options)


hello can I get some help with my wallet.
I cant send a message to you because I don’t see how.
I lost my pass for my litecoin wallet.
I have some word that could be in the password.
im new user and cannot send you pr message


if your a new user you cant message anyone yet…
I have a list of people I am currently cracking passwords for at the moment…my recommendation is to download “John the Ripper” and Python and use that to extract your password hash…then you can use john.exe to crack it…with a masking attack using brute force
i will be letting users on here know once I get the ability to crack more passwords but currently all my machines are trying to crack passwords right now for customers.


ok.tnk for advice. if you later have free “power” set me in the list:) i install a new walet.then set the bacup ile into directoty.but i cant recieve my litecoin, they stuk in tranzactions. later i decide to encript wallet. i write a pass, but when later i try to input the pass, walet does recognize it.



I also lost my pass for litecoin wallet, I got about 4.3 LTC
i think i remember words which I use and i have 7x 1070 to work on it, I downloaded hashcat and that is it :smiley:
I have no idea how to use it - could you please tell me how to start?
Or just send me config for hashcat and I will pay?


There are lots of you tube videos on how to use hash cat…
Might do better with John the ripper though…have u already extrated you password hash using John the ripper?


Помогите и мне пожалуйста! я забыл свой пароль на кошелек((


help me please I also forgot my password in Litecoin Core


I have just extracted my hash with john the ripper but im unsure if i have done it correctly, my hash starts with $bitcoin$ and is 306 characters long… does this sound correct?


yes that is correct
now copy and paste it into a text file and use that file as your “input” or “-in” file for either john(located in the John the Ripper directory) or hashcat


awesome thanks :slight_smile:


Good afternoon. Help to get the password from my litecoin wallet! my mail [email protected]


do you have “free power” for pass finding?


Hi cxop,
any chance of some help, I have two issue.

  1. LTC - moved to a new wallet, have the backup post encription and after, have the pw I thought I set it at, however it will not open. used same PW somewhere else on same computer and its opening that wallet fine.

Will my unencripted backup .dat file hold the same private keys? I presume the private keys are the same for the wallet/account and they just get encripted so do I just need to import the old wallet / not encripted ? or can I read the private keys from this and get back access to the account?

  1. My harddrive crashed and my - My Metamask login was all on that computer, I know the old Password for it but cannot find the secret keys for that ether account. doesn’t look like harddrive is recoverable all my myether accounts I have printed off are not the one in the Metamask account.

Having a bad time.

Any help would be good.


Do you have an idea how your password should look like?
Do you usually have a pattern in password generation?
Do you think it might be a capslock issue or a different number prepended/appended that you can’t remember

IF so: you can probably brute force it with btcrecover.


Hi Maurio,

Managed to get the unencripted backup to restore and it released the coins all is good now, thanks to bakd247 who commented on another post I had made.

Still have the metamask issue. no idea how to solve that one, bar pay for HD recovery (take apart) and hope they recover firefox so I can get access.



I have same problem, but I know the password, I’m sure that I made a typo. Can anyone help me?


Please, my email is [email protected], I’m 99% sure that i made a typo in my password, please help me to recover it, I will pay


sorry to jump in on an old thread - do you perhaps have any links to how I can use hashcat to brute-force a paperwallet ? i.e. my father created a paperwallet with bip32 encryption. all we have is the encrypted private key and the public key, no wallet.dat. All the instructions I could find refer to using wallet.dat.

I managed to ‘hack’ some javascript together and used that to test approx 50k combinations but am hoping hashcat would be faster (takes a few seconds per attempt) and more reliable (chrome crashes if I run more than 2 - 3 attempts in parallel due to what looks like it running out of RAM)

Any advice would be appreciated.


does the private key on the paper wallet start with a “6”?
you mean he created a paper wallet using bip 39 encryption…
BIP32 is HD wallets…not encryption
if so then you need a password to spend the coins…if not then you just need to sweep the private key into a wallet and spend it…
the issue with an encrypted paper wallet is that it uses bip 39 (jaxx wallet is the only wallet that I have found that supports these keys)to create the encrypted private key from the passphrase using hashing…unfortunately you cant use hashcat directly because there is no way to extract a master key and chain code from the wallet…

your best option is going to be to use something like hashcat or johntheripper and guess hashes over and over until you get the same bip39 encrypted private key.

do you have any idea of a close password? brutre force is litterally impossible…I dont care how fast your computer is…if your password is over 5-10 characters…you willl not find the password in this life time…

however…if you know you used a word but cant remember the numbers or symbols or the combination in which you used a certain number of characters…then you can use word mangling rules and wordlists with hybrid masking in order to try and guess the password…