How high LTC will go?


how can LTC be flexible?


Litecoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies with a market cap in the billions. Specifically, $2.16 billion.
Here is LTC price prediction…


Web-Bot: Litecoin will go to 0.25BTC soon.


I don’t care why anh much it will go up as long as I get the benefit of it. Hope to become millionaire soon :grin::grin::grin::grin:




if it keeps going up 30% to 40% a day, like today… probably pretty damn high!


greetings, this is my first post, I recently made a small investment in LTC, excited to see what happens, any sort of success would be great.


Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to suggest following calculations of future prices for LTC, ETH… in comparing with basic BTC price on today 26 Jan 2018 :
For example :

Future price of the ETH = BTC Price USD11,000 / ( Circulating supplied ETH 97,233,062/Circulating supplied BTC 16,828,537 ) =USD1,903.81

Future price of the LTC = BTC Price USD11,000 / ( Circulating supplied LTC 54,937,183 /Circulating supplied BTC 16,828,537 ) =USD3,369.55

Name Circulating Supplied Max Supply Curent Price (US$) Price in copmparing to Btc in US$
BTC 16,828,537 21,000,000 11,000.00 11,000.00
ETH 97,233,062 97,233,062 1,000.00 1,903.81
LTC 54,937,183 84,000,000 180.00 3,369.55
These future prices will be appeared or not ? if yes how long time to wait for ?
What is your opinion ?? always is welcome
Tran Hung


Just go one year back, no body thought that Bitcoin will hit this much price within a year. But it happened, so I believe there’s no limit of how high a cyrpto coin can go. LTC might go high in 2018 but sadly LTC is showing a decreasing trend.


Don’t worry about that. Lightcoin is the silver too bitcoins gold. It’s only a matter of time. Just wait. You will see. P.s. the Golden Radio works on crypto currencies and it’s not jut limited to bring useful in the Forex


Hi, I am new and i would like to know how do you know how price will increase or decrease before?


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I Think will goes much higher than 400$ this Year , much new Implementations are with Litecoin now, only the last Hyped named the Wallet where u have a Debit Card and u can Pay in Shops or online with Litecoin. Also i hear in Texas many Offline Shop like to implement Litecoin Payments with a new supportet Payment Provider. So i dont have Fear for lost any :slight_smile:


This is bad, If bitcoin fall, all currency fall, but litecoin is little better than etherum or monero.
Can’t say how far it will go, depend on bitcoin price.