I want to sell only 2 Antminer L3+, I bought and run in my house 2 weeks ago



wtf, who a u?


[email protected]


Someone is about to get scammed here


Not to be rude but that would be someone without brain. But thats things works, people need to get rekt before they learn how to avoid it next time.

Atleast we warned them.

Scam alert once again.


[email protected] more info thanks !


Anyone interested in buying from this user, be warned!
I emailed bitmain about his website ‘bitman’. Below is the reply I just got got. It clearly mentions that they do not have any l3s for sale.

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Leo (Bitmain)
Jul 26, 16:01 CST

Dear Raghavjerath93,

I apologize for the late response.

Thanks for you consultation!

Oh no,
Due to high demand, Antminer L3+ is sold out.
Actually, we do not yet have a date of newer for future releases.

To stay up to date on our product releases and read the latest news from the bitcoin/cryptocurrency world - visit our blog at https://blog.bitmain.com/en/
Follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Bitmain or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BITMAINtech

We have added you to our notification list for future releases.​

We will provide pricing, specifications and other details when we launch the new batch.​​

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
Please feel free to contact us if you have you further queries.

Best regards,

Always order products directly from our website: www.bitmain.com
"Solved" means we replied - we still work on your issue until it is resolved.

Jul 19, 03:02 CST

Hi, i got the following e-mail, it says that the l3+ is in stock, however on your site, its not:
the email came from [email protected]

Dear fan of LTC,

We send email to say we open sell Antminer Lt3+ right now.
The quality is low, maybe around 50 for all, so please check our website and order right now!

If you really have account on Bitman.com, go to https://passport.bitmain.com/login?service=https://www.shop.bitman.com/

If you not: https://www.shop.bitman.com/?product=new_Antminer_L3+&order=today&in_stock

Feel free ask me any question. I’m Tina from Bitman company!

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Building 25, North Olympic Science & Technology Park,
Baosheng South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100029.
Phone: +86-400 890 8855
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Also would you really buy something from a user who’s name is tung tung fap… and email is autofap!!!


你说的 是什么:slight_smile: