In which Exchange to Buy LTC


I want to trade LTC and looking for exchanges where I easy to buy LTC.


heres at least 400 exchanges you can trade or buy litecoin from…also you can buy form and easybit atm and are always a great choices as well


Hi kakushinecosystem,

We’ve recently launched which is a peer-to-peer trading platform similar to except we support Litecoin natively. We’re in beta so there isn’t much activity yet, but it’s always free to post Litecoin ads and you may find others ready to trade LTC for cash various ways, including bank deposit, in-person exchanges, gift card codes and more.

Please feel free to ask any questions :slight_smile:


I don’t know about these exchanges. I hear only Binance , coinbase , bittrex etc.


Yes, exchanges like Coinbase or Binance are not peer-to-peer. To trade Litecoin or other coins you must register and provide your identification, so your privacy is reduced. It can take days to send USD or other national currency to such exchanges from a bank account.

A peer-to-peer exchange like LocalBitcoins (which is the oldest and most popular) usually doesn’t need your ID, although recently LBC has started collecting ID for advertisers. However, you trade directly with other people, so you can give them cash (or cash equivalent like a gift card code) and receive coins immediately. is a new peer-to-peer site similar to LocalBitcoins. We don’t require any ID. We also support more coins than Bitcoin, such as Litecoin.


I prefer to buy and trade on They are quite new, but very easy to use. Moreover, every time i had some question, support was very helpful and respond immediately.


What do you think about coinbase @Elaela


Shapeshift is easiest, no need to store coins


You can use CRXzone.
Buy using USD or SGD


@kakushinecosystem - Coinbase is a very good exchange. :slight_smile:

They are probably one of the biggest companies in the community if not the biggest. If you don’t care about revealing your identity I would definitely use them. However, just understand what that can mean. For example, if you want to do anything in a legal gray area with your coins, such as gambling, then you may have your account frozen or closed as has happened to others using Coinbase.

If you want more anonymity with your coins you need to buy using cash peer to peer or from an ATM. For ATM locations you can try For peer-to-peer transactions with no ID really there is no other exchange than us at right now.


@kakushinecosystem . Hello, If you want to trade LTC I can highly recommend exchange market I am new user of them and I’m very glad.