KnC Titan Miner Repair


Hi Lightfoot

I’d like to send the Titan’s controller to you for maintenance. Can I check the service fee before this? Thank you very much!


Yes, the only thing that doesn’t work well is UPS. They seem to always screw up shipping, they could screw up a daydream. DHL works well though but normally your country’s postal service is fine.

As for pricing, fixing the controllers does require buying some chips (the FPGA and power chips usually) as well as time to float the old chips off and the new ones on with hot air tools. I’ve gotten quite good at it. I’ll send you a quote, I take bitcoin or litecoin for payments.



Sent the controller via USPS last Thursday. Tracking number 9405503699300062175103. USPS says delivered on 7/1.

Hope you’ve received it.

Thank you.



Hello. I have 9 broken cubes. And 2 broken control boards. How can i contact you? Thanks


Hello Lightfoot.

I might got a broken controller and some cubes aint doing what they should. Suddenly after a restart display is blank. No spinux etc.

What is your adress i will send my seup.

my maiil is [email protected]


PRO TIP: :slight_smile:
If you are having problems with the Titan controller (not booting etc.)
first try to reflash the firmware on the SD card.
Preferably use a new SD card from a well-known manufacturer.
The SD cards KnC used where notorious for getting corrupt and failing.

You can use the firmware from the KnC github page and the flashing
instructions for a r-Pi 2 that you can find online

It may be something simple as that…


Didn’t see these replies. I’ll send PM’s with the addresses, but yes I can probably fix both problems.


Perhaps, however if the green light on the side of the board doesn’t come on with all cubes disconnected then the controller needs a new FPGA and power chip. I can fix that.


Yep, got it, fixed it, sent back next day. Glad to help!


lightfoot- have a 1st gen Titan that had 2 bad dies from beginning, then went to 4 bad in 2 dif cubes, one cube would shut down totally and crash the PSU and all 4 cubes so unplugged it & bought Gentarkins mod running for a month or so on the 3 and the same thing with the PSU shutting off happening. Weird thing is that the PSU would shut off and not power up until it was unplugged form the controller board and the paperclip to "short"the power connector was pulled and replaced. All 4 stopped working after a few rounds of the PSU shutting off. Thoughts? Haven’t ran it in a month or 2 and hoping you can bring them back to life?


what’s the ask?


Can I get your contact to discuss a Titan repair?


Sure. You can just PM me on this forum, I’ll send you a message.


how to pm in this?


I sent you a pm this morning. Click on the letter with a number in the upper right and you should see my message.


only got a message from “discobot”?


Never dull, tried again, see if you get the message (this is an odd forum)


Hi lightfoot, I have a board that doesn’t boot.
Can you help?


lightfoot, I have 2 board that doesn’t not
Can you help? 3 kNc titan doesn t not



Yes I can help. Did you want to send the boards in and I will look at them?