KnC Titan Miner Repair


you can signup at and send him a pm their under lightfoot

if you are going to reapaste a lot of cubes…also on bitcointalk contact maxumark for

his 4 point replacement bracket (10 bucks or so) and get the dc/dc copper heatsinks

with the chips cleared also I got a 2x the speed notura fan replacement

also if you don’t have this 3rd party software by gen trakin …also on bitcointalk

that will also extend your equipment his firmware product 35 bucks a titan a 4 or 6 cube etc unit

contacte me here or bitcointalk I usually need to repaste my stuff once every 6 months min

if you have never dione such the repaste/above with gen tarken firmware will knock off 10c PER die

my stuff runs now cooler in a 85F basement in the summer then it did before this redo in the winter!



Or I can just PM him here :slight_smile:


I bought a KnC Neptune Cube 670 GH/s and I would buy more but, I can’t find a controller or psu.

Is there anywhere else besides ebay that sells the controller boards? or someone that is selling them?

Second, is it possible to run the controller os on a raspberry pi instead of a controller board?

I want to get a small farm going to mine some of the newer coins with a lower hash difficulty like Myriad.



First, you would need the controller: The FPGA on it handles the distribution of the work to the cubes, and a Pi can’t do it.

As to selling one, I have a few spares here I would sell, will PM you with details.


Speaking of controllers, I am in need of one. I haven’t seen any pop up on ebay lately. If anyone has a spare to sell, I would be very appreciative.