Litecoin Core stuck at 99.96% when syncing headers?


Im a noob here, what do I do?


open command line and start litecoin core like this first…
for windows:
litecoin-qt.exe -reindex -rescan
for linux/apple:
./litecoin-qt -reindex -rescan

in your appdata folder you need to see what the issue is at the bottom of the “debug.log” file

since your new this all may sound like jibberish to you…

is it the newest version? 14.2? what OS are you running…in windows you may need to right click and select “compatibility options”…
do you have a backup?
if you have a backup…you can just reinstall litecoin core after you do a memory diagnostic and you know the wallet is compatible with your OS you can reinstall core wallet and let it sync as a blank wallet…then replace the “wallet.dat” file in the appdata folder with your backup and start core from command line with the “-rescan” flag…

send me a message and I can walk you through a step by step…


Thanks for responding. I was able to do some research and went to the Appdata folder to force a rescan. It downloaded fine after that, and now I can move forward.This experience had me realize that as a noob I need to switch to an less advanced wallet, like Electrum. Thanks again.


Electrum isn’t less advanced. It just doesn’t need to sync the whole blockchain. Requires less space.
But it replies on a remote electrum server, possibly less interesting if you’re very concerned about your privacy.
Other than that it’s a very good wallet


That is good to know. I read somewhere that it was easier. What better, more secure wallet do you recommend?


core wallet is the only “decentralized” wallet out there that runs its own server…all the others are applications that connect to centralized servers…however you can run a full litecoin node and use a wallet app to connect to the full node as well…