Litecoin gone up for 12% in the last 12 hours. What is this? Reverse or next trap?



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But seriously: Having done a few BTC tx lately (and waiting from hours to days to get it confirmed while paying 0.5 - 2$ fees and at the same time most LTC blocks were empty or had 1-2 tx) I really see good use for LTC as the crypto currency for fast payments while BTC probably shifts toward long term holding/storing over time.
Nowadays it is almost impossible to pay amounts of 1-100$ with BTC when you pay almost the same fees as with Paypal and still wait an eternity or longer to have your tx mined. LTC on the other hand is great for transferring amounts in this range very quickly and at extremly low fees.

I believe LTC will be used for payments at more and more e-commerce sites in the future because of its speed, reliability and competitive fees. Also once the pump on BTC is over ( I actually see its non-hyped value somewhere between $800-950 atm) LTC will probably get its well deserved attention. In this context I do really hope that Segwit will come true.

I agree that the connection BTC goes up, LTC goes up is over. LTC has grown up and doesn’t follow his big brother anymore :sunglasses:


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ETH, XRP, XMR, DASH and many others alts have much more faster and cheaper transaction than ltc. At the moment fast and cheap transaction is not a competitive advantage only for litecoin. And I can say more. At the moment LTC totaly has no competitive advantages.



I am a newby. I have not purchased anyone’s coins yet. I was drawn to litecoin because of well the price and time in the market
I want to make money so I started checking out bitcoin. They seem to be trying to eat each other and inventing plays to separate the coin. Do this do that power plays aimed at segregation and not via algorithm.
It seems the power of algorithm can’t be trusted
It’s scary to think of putting out a grand or more per coin in this environment.
I noticed that Monero and Dash have something in common and it seems to be pretty important to the market. Complete anonymity. It seems to be the feature that eclipses speed and all the rest of the features and benefits take a back seat.
I haven’t heard about lc in this regard.
Silk road your reference is gone because of payment methods being traceable
I do not go down the silk road myself but I’m not on the planet to grade papers.
That’s the point right stability and privacy sustainability.


If you’re in it only to try to make some money by buying and selling at the right time, the standard rule of “only invest what you can afford to lose” is highly recommended.

Others would argue that is everyone’s agenda, but I can easily point to fanatical miners and enthusiasts that have different motives and a longer history with cryptos. Do a web search for Silk Road, for example.

Depending on the coin, sometimes changing the algorithm and firing all of the miners makes sense, you’ll see a lot of differening opinions on that one too.

It’s all here for you to try to figure out, or at least kill some time while time is killing you :thumbsup:


This last week has been a rollercoaster for cryptocurrencies - ltc will continue to rise!
I’m sure it will hit an all time high above 50 in the next few months, but it might crash first for a few weeks.


Recent price-ups have never been able to reach $60, hovering at the historical high around $55 and dropped. Litecoin needs more positive coverage to fuel the price up.


I see $100 this week. MOMENTUM outplays logic every time!