Litecoin Prepaid Card?



Is the a Litecoin card like Bitpays Prepaid Visa Card?

Or can you buy prepaid debt “gift cards” with litecoin?


coinsbank has one…but US customers dont get to spend but $20 - $50 since they are a european company…they charge way too much too…however with them I was able to deposit litecoin and just use my card and it would do a sell only when I swiped the card…it was nice only when I would do at the counter transactions…wouldnt work at gas pumps or anything that the value of the sale can change at…( I had trouble using this card at most places and it was more trouble than its worth)

better to just trade litecoin for bitcoin and use bitpay for now until something better comes along…

I wish someone would come out with a bitpay alternative other than wirex…wirex isn’t available in my area…neither is shake pay…
I know if I had financial backing I would start one in a heart beat…