Litecoin to Bitcoin address?



the M-address is invalid in both litecoin and bitcoin.


yes I know all “M” address should be…they are P2SH address’ …I meant the public “L” address belonging to the private key you just imported…is it valid in litecoin? and if so are there coins in that L address on block cypher?


I didn’t save that L-address. but the litecoins still are on the 3-address. again, this 3-address is bitcoin segwit address, but on blockcypher it shows itself as a litecoin address, with the coins.

“2. Copy your private key into the Wallet Details tab on Scroll to the bottom and copy the “Private Key Hexadecimal Format (64 characters [0-9A-F]):” value.”

I was thinking maybe at this step 2 of the guide you provided, I should have copied my private key into but again, I don’t know anything about this whole thing and I am just being manipulative. what do you think I should do? should I repeat the process?


that is where segwit comes in…old wallet private keys need to be converted to a newer format…so thats why you take the private key the coins are suppose to be in and paste it into liteaddress…then import that key and run addwitness on the “New” “L” address for the “New private key” you just imported…running addwitness on the old key/address pair wont do anything…

that 3 address will show up as a valid bitcoin address because of the way the math works out through hashing…it will also be valid on litecoin as well…

I would try again…hell I’ve been trying to crack a wallet for a friend of mine everyday for the past 2 weeks…only difference here is I am looking for lost change in an old wallet and have a lot of transactions to convert and try…I refuse to give up…I have the keys I just have to figure out the exact order to convert them in Litecoin as all the guides out there are only for bitcoin address


If you try again you should get the exact same WIF key…if you do…then there is your “L” address belonging to that key…

the way address are created you should get the same key every time when converting / hashing, etc…because address’ are created as “deterministic” meaning the answer to the math problem is the same every time…where ecdsa (I think it is) give a different result every time…but that is only used in signatures on Non “HD” wallets (“hierarchical deterministic”)


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on my second attempt, I got everything same. when i run importprivkey “” with the compressed wif, then the litcoin core says “null.” basically it doesn’t do anything. when i gun addwitnessaddress with the compressed litecoin address, then it gives me the same M-address. P2SH converter also confirms that the M-address returns the original 3-address. so everything checks out, but still no funds. shows the 3-address has the coins. and the new L-address got nothing.


So after you import your private key run addwitness (followed by the public key belonging to the private key)…

Null means task complete…so u imported the key…now run( addwitness “L address belonging to private key you just imported” ) to the transaction and only the public key that is paired with that private key u just imported will do what your trying to do…any other public key will addwitness yes but until u run addwitness on the key u just imported it will do nothing


I run addwitnessaddress with Litecoin Address Compressed and the console returns an M-address. is there also another step involving a public key?


It should retun a 3 address…an m address is a P2SH for multisig and segregated witness…u should try doing a google search for P2SH address converter…then convert the “M” address to a 3 address…then try import address (“3” address)
This may only give u a watch only but its worth a shot I’d say…
Make a separate backup before u do it…
I am pretty sure all you are having to do with this is make the verification using scriptPubhash and scriptPub key match when hashed


Or try running addwitness on that M address


your suppose to get a key that starts with 3 when you run addwitness…
how many signatures does it say it needs when you run this command in console:
validateaddress (“L” address)
and does it say it is yours?
if it says you need more than 1 signature then you need to sign the transaction with you key in order to redeem the coins…
running addwitness on the correct address should ldo this but you need to make sure you have the correct address to run it on first…like if u need 2 signatures you need to run it once on the “L” address and then again on the “M” address
because the “3” key you get from the M address is not an address…it is a signature verification hash…


addwitnessaddress M-address returns the same M-address.


“isvalid”: true,
“address”: “L-address”,
“ismine”: true,
“iswatchonly”: false,
“isscript”: false,
“iscompressed”: true,
“account”: “”,
“timestamp”: 1


this returns the M-address. then I use a P2SH converter and run this M-address. it returns the same 3-address.

I feel like I am in a loop.


the 3-address is originally a bitcoin segwit address. I accidentally sent some litecoins to this address. the transaction was confirmed. now, blockcypher thinks that this 3-address originally bitcoin is a litecoin address and it shows the litecoins are in this 3-address.


if addwitness is not returning a “3” address then that is a problem…
have you tried signing the transaction yet?
how many signatures are needed for this transaction…
type getrawtransaciton (txid)
in console and it should tell you or give you back a hex…if it give back a hex copy that and type:
decoderawtransaction (hex)

since addwitness is returning a “M” address this tells me that it is a multisig transaction more than likely…
your not redeeming the coins correctly for some reason…you need another signature in your wallet that hashes to a matching scriptPubkey in order to redeem the coins

what is the transaction id so I can see what your doing?


what does it say when you validateaddress (“M” address before converting)?
it should say it is a script address and that it is NOT yours…
you’ll need to get the transaction history for the M address and make sure that only 1 Signature is needed to redeem the funds first
if it is a P2SH (multisig) transaction or a SEGWIT transaction then redeeming is different than a regular transaction…


I am not sure what you mean by that. can you explain how i can that please?

where do i find this “txid” and “hex”?

it returns this:
“isvalid”: true,
“address”: “M-address”,
“scriptPubKey”: “”,
“ismine”: true,
“iswatchonly”: false,
“isscript”: true,
“script”: “witness_v0_keyhash”,
“hex”: “”,
“addresses”: [
“account”: “”

I got the hex code from above and run

and it returns this:
TX decode failed (code -22)



I am really desperate here. hope you can figure this out.