Litecoin to Bitcoin address?



I figured this out…no need to convert anything with any of those steps or any other code…all you have to do is

importaddress ("L"address)( “3” address)

this will display the coins that were sent to the 3 address which was created by the corresponding L address as the 3 address

another option is to do this:

importaddress ("3"address)(“L” address)
this will display the coins sent to the 3 address as the L address in your wallet…

as long as you have the private key that belongs to the L address that created the M address that created the 3 address in your wallet then it will NOT be a "watch only"
if you do NOT have the private key in your wallet then this will just import the address as a watch only

I would imagine as long as you know you have the private key in your wallet then you could simply do:
importaddress (“3” address)



importaddress (356NuZUn1rwUjj1vv5mP8TaMWJ46SbQS4X)


The wallet already contains the private key for this address or script (code -4)


Method not found (code -32601)


Error: Error parsing JSON:


The wallet already contains the private key for this address or script (code -4)


start litecoin-qt in command prompt like this:
litecoin-qt.exe -permitbaremultisig 0
this will allow you to show P2SH address which is what a 3 address is (P2SH and P2WSH) in your wallet
(see command line options under “Help Tab”)
by default the node is set to only show Non-P2SH transactions
your is a P2SH transaction
it defaults to 1 for true or “On” and type 0 for false or “Off”

ok…so you should have no problem seeing your coins…however you will not see them if your address is is not displayed as the 3 address in the wallet

the coins are in 3 address 356NuZUn1rwUjj1vv5mP8TaMWJ46SbQS4X
so if the private key belonging to this address is in your wallet then the only way to spend these coins is with a raw segwit transaction…because you sent the coins to a segwit address…

if your wallet does not let you create a transaction using the input that funded the 3 address then you have to create a raw transaction
in console type help
then you will see createrawtransaction with a bunch of stuff to fill in…
now send your coins to a non segwit address so you can see them…in a Non P2SH wallet if you want
only create a raw P2SH transaction with a timelock value for segwit if youtripple check you syntax…a lot of money has been lost from creating raw transactions and signing the coins into oblivion from someone not doing it correctly.

If you did
importaddress (L address) (3 address)
and then import the private key afterwards…
then it probablly would work too but only if you are starting your node to support P2SH address
segwit address are suppose to be “secret address’” so that you can just give someone a transaction Id and a private key and they can spend the coins without needing the address they belong to…this improves privacy


you did this wrong
createmultisig 1 '[“pubkey1”,“pubkey2”,“pubkey3”]'
for a 1 of 3 multisig address
createmultisig 2 '[“pubkey1”,“pubkey2”,“pubkey3”]'
for a 2 of 3 and
createmultisig 3 '[“pubkey1”,“pubkey2”,“pubkey3”]'
for a 3 of 3

only use multisig if you know how to create and sign a raw P2SH transaction


bakd247, thank you for your effort. you are really trying to help. but i have to say, most of the things you say make no sense to me. I don’t have much knowledge on this things. I was only able to perform the steps given in one of your first messages because that made it very simple. now, you’re giving lots of suggestions but i am lost. do you think you could make a step by step guide about what to do at this moment? please keep in mind that i am not an expert on this so i will need detailed explanation. for example, in this command,
createmultisig 1 '[“pubkey1”,“pubkey2”,“pubkey3”]'
i have no idea where to find pubkey1, pubkey2 and pubkey3. these are unfamiliar to me. but if you tell me where I can find them, then i will be able to do it.


you don’t need to do anything with multisig you have your coins in a segregated witness address…I was just showing you your syntax error how you forgot the apostrophe before and after the brackets when typing the public keys in. That is why I said if you dont know what your doing…not to do it…multisig is similar to segregated witness but it is not what you need

start litecoin-qt like this:
litecoin-qt.exe -permitbaremultisig0 -reindex -rescan
and you will see your coins

if using windows

if your using linux do this:
./litecoin-qt -permitbaremultisig 0 -reindex -rescan

P2SH = Pay 2 Script Hash
P2WSH = Pay 2 Witness Script Hash

your 3 address is a “Witness Script Hash” / Segregated Witness Address


Assuming your using windows:
Step 1
Right click your litecoin desktop icon
Step 2
Select "Open File Location"
When the window comes up right click in the address bar then select "Copy Address"
Step 3
Go to your Start Bar and click the little circle for cortana and in the search box type:
Hit Enter
Step 4
Once the Command Prompt opens type:
Then Right click in the Window
Then hit enter
Step 5
Now You Should be In Your Litecoin-qt.exe File Location in Command Prompt
Now Type:
litecoin-qt.exe -permitbaremultisig0 -reindex -rescan


I have a Mac actually, but i was able to do these steps in my mac. i opened the terminal and typed
cd cd /Applications/

then I was in Litecoin-qt.exe File Location in Command Prompt. then i typed the last command you asked
litecoin-qt.exe -permitbaremultisig 0 -reindex -rescan
and it returned this:
-bash: litecoin-qt.exe: command not found

maybe i need a different code since i have a mac?


Hey Martin!

I can help you retrieve the coins, I specialize in coin recover (check out for past work for this exact issue).

Can you drop me a PM here or on reddit?



That’s because in a mac u have to type it differently…why would u think a windows command would work on a mac?
If u don’t know how to start an application using terminal then I can’t help u…

I dont have a mac but I know the commands are similar to linux


after you cd(change directory") to the litecoin-qt application installation location
apparently on a mac you type this to open litecoin-qt application
open -a litecoin-qt -permitbaremultisig0 -reindex -rescan
i got this information on how to launch a GUI Application in a Mac here:

by default the node(qt wallet) is set to only show Non-P2SH transactions
your is a P2SH transaction
it defaults to 1 for true or “On” and type 0 for false or “Off”
Meaning the litecoin-qt is set by default to NOT view Segregated Witness transactions because Segwit is a Privacy Feature and Much More

Do this in terminal after you navigate to your litecoin-qt folder where u installed litecoin-qt…u must navigate using cd “change directory” before the command will work…
If u just open a terminal and type the command without navigating to the correct folder while in terminal…of course it will tell u it cant find it…because your in the wrong folder…

Just so u know…blindly just copy and pasting code like that makes u very vulnerable to be hacked by a dishonest person…

Make sure to never “sign” any transactions that someone else makes for you until know how to code a raw transaction
And ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR WALLET!! Even after every address creation to assure you have all your keys in your backup


hope the most recent edit with “How to open an application in terminal on a mac” helps


Hey Devbitcoin, I see you are a king at recovering lost coins. I am asking for your help if you are willing to help. Here is what happened. I accidently sent LTC from GDAX/Coinbase to a BTC address on the Bitshares exchange. I can search the BTC address on the LTC blockchain on blockcypher and its there sitting as unspent. I tried contacting coinbase which if you know, they have not gotten back with me. Is there any way to get those back or do you know if it will come back after a certain amount of time? It has many confirmations which is stupid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


I am sure devcoin has better information to give you. But I think Coinbase can do nothing to solve this. You need to contact to Bitshares exchange. Either they will move your coins to your litecoin wallet or get the bitcoin wallet’s private key from them and you can recover the coins by yourself. If you already have the private key, you’re half way done I think. Again, devcoin would know better. Let’s see what he thinks.



I’m afraid only Bitshares can help you, since they control the private keys for the recipient address. You need to get in touch with them, not Coinbase.


I am still waiting on a response from them, if I get private key, can I do anything with that or do they have to do it?


HI man i actually followed or the instruction you mentioned before but i got lost on the step after i get the M address what shall ido which tool to convert i didnt see you mentioning any tool name, and also my prb is i sent ltc from coinbase to bitcoin wallet on localbitcoin, i can see confirmation +6 but when i go to blockhyper and but btc and the address i sent to there is nothing but if i put ltc and the address i sent to that starts with 3 i see the following

0.48014 LTC SENT
0.48014 LTC