LTC to Bitcoin address


Hi I accidentally sent litecoins to a bitcoin address. All confirmed OK but I can not access my money.

Can I retrieve it?



The transaction can be seen here:


you can import the transaction to your wallet with the private key for the transaction…see console help under help debug window…so the address u sent to is the one that has the private key so open it and -dump the private key for that transaction and then import it back into a litecoin wallet…



I don’t actually understand as I don’t have the private keys.
The address was given to me by an exchange(bitstamp).

Can you please send me the link with debug, I can not find it.



I suggest you contact Bitstamp Support.


I have, but for the past 23 days they are giving me bullshit that they are working on it.
Does it really take that long?


What should I do ? Any suggestions?


first of all…you cant send litecoins to a bitcoin address…it wouldn’t get confirmed at all and should just show back up in your wallet…bitcoin and litecoin address have different starting figures…I know a lot fo Litecoin address start with L and bitcoin and litecoin address have different number of characters too I think…id have to count to be sure on that one though…anyway…
if there are no confirmations and you sent the coins from a Litecoin core wallet then you can just right click the transaction and click cancel transaction…



Any help please?

How can I access a LTC address?



lets see if I understand you,

you send Litecoins from your wallet in your PC to a “bitcoin address” that bitstamp give you? is this right?

the transaction you linked above is the transaction you did, LTC to BTC??

let me know.


No !

coinbase to bitstamp. They are both exchanges.

Bitstamp gave me an address. I transfered LTC from coinbase to bitstamp. The transaction confirmed with no problems but bitstamp never deposited my money.

You can see details here:

Please advise if you know more


I had the impression that I made the transfer from a litecoin address to a bitcoin address but I was wrong. It seems they are both LTC addresses, correct?


them, you should contact coinbase, they have to cancel or abandon that transaction,

as bakd247 said, LTC to BTC will not confirm.

look this image, your litecoins are there, not redeem yet.


Its possible if you use multisig address



I have the same issue, I see that you have resolved it. Will you be able to explain how you did?




The exchange took care of it. It took them 2 months…

You have to talk to them


exchange as in Coinbase where you sent it from or Bitstamp where you send it to?


where your “coins” went. For me it went to bitstamp. So there.


Hi, I’m having the same issue, did it cost you money to recover your litecoin? Did they just send it back to your coinbase account. It was 30 litecoin I made the mistake with, can you give me some more insight please, mine was from coinbase to bitstamp like you. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


If you sent LTC (or any other cryptocurrency) to any address, only the owner of that address (the one who has the corresponding private keys) can claim them.

In this case, should Bitstamp be able to claim those LTC, shall they credit you the corresponding LTC amout. Please keep in mind it is going to be a manual process on their end, so for shure they will charge you a fee over the amount.

Please be careful next time.