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Welcome To LTCNYAN
Launch Date: 04-Jan-2018

What we do?

We provide a genuine online platform for gambler’s to play with Litecoins.
For getting more info about the game please visit: LTCNYAN

How to play?
Playing is super easy. But before that you need Lites in your account. (1 Litecoin = 1000000 Lites)
you can use the faucet to claim your free lites per hour or you can deposit the litecoins to play.

How to Deposit?
Go to
Then User the Litecoin Address to deposit your coins. After the confirmation, Lites will be added to your wallet automatically.

How to withdraw?
You can withdraw the Lites to your Litecoin address from Withdraw Page

You will get Live support from the Moderators or Admin directly in the chat.

I hope you will have a great Experience while playing at LTCNYAN