Need help (nice reward)


yes, exactly.

btw: you could use a litecoin block explorer to see the state of a transactions:

e.g. Here you can check if the coins are really on the address you own.


it seems the only thing that is changed is the “date modified” … size is the same.
i`m rescanning again now…

the address i own is receiving address ? where it says received with … “long number” that long number is the address ?


yes, it should be the receiving address. Addreses start with ‘L’.


any update from your side?


Hi Xus,

sorry for delay mate, i was not allowed to post on the forum due to me being a new user… thats rubbish! but hey we need to follow the rules :wink:
I have checked the website you told me, and both my addresses were showing zero on everything. no transactions, no amount… nothing.
I have got worried so i went to a shop here in London were there are guys dealing with crypto currencies… to find out i was ripped off years ago when i bought them :frowning:
Looks like my crypto adventure will stop here… i tried … it didnt work.
Thank you very very much for all your help Xus, i wish i could give you something for your effort, but i have none i am afraid.


no problem!

cheers, XuS


I need help - anyone able to help - transferred to loaf wallet from polonium and not arrived after 12 hours - i fear that my litecoins are gone for good. I will pay for help


can you help me I wont bail out and will give you all my info so I will give you the bounty money

check my post thx