New hardware wallet, protect your litc



Worried about where to save your ltc? Worried about the safety of online wallet?

Why not try Coldbar hardware wallet, this new-brand wallet is much stronger than Ledger and Trezor I believe, I just bought it few days ago, and I have some hands-on experience about it.

The wallet seems like alien mothership, and it is a little bit larger than other traditional hardware wallets. But the functionality of this wallet totally shock me!! It has two parts, one is device itself, and another part is app installed on user’s mobile phone, token’s private keys are stored on the device, and app is only responsible for broadcasting transaction, the only way to transport data is to through QR code.

It not only supports ERC-20 token, but also supports other tokens that are developed in Ethereum platform.

From my opinion, it is always better to store your finances in a physical place rather than other places.

Coldlar Website:


All in Chinese though


It truely has English, man


The English version of website is still developing, coming soon


Thank you so much sir for informing us.