New Java Miner for any device with a Web Browser...payouts in Litecoin


You need to reply to the email I sent you with a payout address and minimum payout amount…then I can build your miner page


I sent a request on your website/miner link. Is that all I need to do from here?


If u sent a request you will receive a message from me within 24 hours… asking for you desired user id…payout address and minimum amount…then once I get that information I can build your miner page


so how do I get this account started ?


go to the site and sign up…then I will approve you and send you an email requiring a payout address, desired username and minimum payout you’d like to receive. once I have that information I can build your personal miner page
then I will send you an email with your personal miner password so you can log into your personal miner page


Recently Added a “How to Key” for Maximum Hash rate…Adequate Cooling IS Required!!!

Be Sure you Read the “Terms and Conditions” which are agreed to upon using the site.


hi i clicked on the link so can you pliz set me up