Not yet redeemed litecoin


Please someone expert help me litecoin not yet redeemed. Please tell me what can I do? Thanks in advanced.


more info needed. it takes time for it to show up…


This is litecoin address. Which data have you need ?


1- what do you mean by redeemed
2- how long have you been waiting
3- what country
4- what exchange


1.the cryptoid says not yet redeemed and yesterday screenshot take yesterday attached
2.9 months ago
3.Bangladesh the exchange was completed and I have to used android wallet litecoin. Please help.

what’s problem I don’t know? I am new in litecoin.


1 litecoin offer :who can solved this issue?


Did you fix your problem?
because I have the same


@ayhamjamal please describe your exact problem so we can understand your situation


I have had two transactions that stuck in LTC blockchain
for two months and till now.
I see 'not yet redeemed’
what’s that means and how can I solve It.
the transactions between two patform
check that:


“not yet redeemed” means the coins are still at that address. Unspend.

Did you use the correct receiving address when sending the coins?