Old wallet in new Litecoin QT



Old wallet in new Litecoin QT

I have a pretty simple question. I have an old Litecoin QT version 4.8.4 on my Mac, but I want to bring the litecoins to the new Litecoin QT.
In my old litecoin wallet, sending 120 LT is not confirmed … and have not arrived elsewhere … so I want to get back.
Therefore a new Litecoin QT. Then I need to do something in the debug screen of this new ltcoin QT, but that sounds quite critical

I have a private key with a password to the old wallet
What are the exact command rules? If I do, it will always be wrong. (Method not found code -32601) Spaces and Syntaxes
Can somebody . EXACTLY. Indicate what kind of rule I need to fill in in order to get the old address in the new one?
I did it as follows, but maybe totally wrong:

Walletpassphrase “124XYZ1234XYZ” 2000 Importprivkey “ABCabcABCabcABCABCabcABCabcABCabcABCabc”

I have kept the old ‘’ wallet.dat ‘’, but it has to be linked to the new litecoin somewhere? But how ?
Can anyone explain this to me? thanks in advance



replace your wallet.dat file in your “Appdata” folder with your backup and rename it wallet.dat…should work just fine with newest version…


Hi bakd27

I have replaced my wallat.dat file in the new Litecoin Core. That is positve.

But they litecoins are still not confirmed. So I can still not use them.

On May 12-05-17 at 17.32 I sent 122 Litecoin to an another adress.
But these are never confirmed and they have never reached this other address.
In the blockchain, no transaction is visible.
That’s a bit crazy because on May 8 I did a small trial on this address and that
went well.

Question : How to solve the problem?



Hi bakd27

The problem has been solved. There is a new function. ‘‘Abandon’’ the transaction and
the litecoins came back. Yeaahhh

Thanks for help