PHP Coder Needing To Understand Litecoin API


I’m a PHP coder. I can also do C++. I work primarily with Linux servers for my coding. I’d like to build a PHP-based cart that can accept Litecoin. I’ve done cryptocurrency trading for a few years now, and talked to a few cryptocurrency APIs for getting rates and so on, but never have attempted adding a new transaction into a blockchain.

How does one add a new transaction into the blockchain with PHP and/or C++?

Or, if you think it’s going to take me like a week of solid PHP and perhaps C++ coding to get a transaction into the blockchain, and could suggest a low-cost API that I should use instead, then please do so and I’ll consider it.


On Reddit in /r/altphp, someone responded to me on this. They said basically that unless I run my own Litecoin Node, which is not so easy to do I guess, that I’m better off to use a low-cost API like and save myself the headache, time, and cost. (There are other APIs too though – DYOR.) So I went looking at that site and see that it’s 1.5% on the transaction and then you have to add in the typical LTC transaction fees which I guess is 19 cents (max avg lately) and then multiply that 19 cents x 2 because I’ll be doing a withdrawal into my own LTC account later.


I have the same question!
How did you solve it in the end?


hei! brother !
I find a website!