Possible 3 scenario of LTCBTC trade




This fool only shows up once in a while to troll LTC, plain and simple.

He couldn’t predict how many tires are on a bicycle.


Segwit hype was over. Dump on the way.


It’s actually pretty amazing how consistently wrong this guy is.


Exactly. He shows up to troll, and the price goes up another $1 rofl…

He’s like a bad magician that gets booed off the stage, but refuses to leave.

Coinbase is in the works, MAST, confidential transactions, just great things but that won’t stop this fu**tard from predicting doom and gloom.


LTC is now on coinbase! How’s that market crash working out for you ddr533!??



LTC going to 50$
But cxop is clown anyway. :grin:


So you admit that you’re wrong? Your super magic charts and prophetic analysis was incorrect?

Good. I hope you’ve learned your lesson, now stay away from that b.s.

Congratulations on finally learning how to spell β€œclown” correctly.



Yes I was wrong. LTC will go to 50$ in this year and to 30$ in this months.


Ahhhh. Looks like ddr533 finally got laid… Welcome back from the dark side, May the 4th and all :slight_smile:


lol. Are you guys here playing to see who was right/wrong?


Nah, just old school troll smashing.