Selling my KnC Titan (to buy the new one)



Hi LTC fans,
First of all, lets give a round of applause to litecoin for rising so much in value!

I want to sell my 350 MHs KnC Titan - any of you interested? I’d give my extension cables away too.
I read that they have a new website and a new titan is coming out with double the hashing power.
My Titan is still in good shape, but difficulty has risen, and so I’d rather invest in something new.

But for anyone who wants to get started with scrypt mining or doesn’t have such a large budget, getting my used Titan would be a great way to gain some experiences.
As for the price, I’m thinking something around 1,5 BTC.

Let me know if you’re interested!


why don’t you go with antminer instead. then you can mine btc also and btc will always be strong


yeah I know antminer is probably a good company too, but I compared the profitability…

the S9 makes roughly $7 a day while the titan with 750MHs would be making just under $40 a day.
So much more profit to be made with the newer version of knc’s titan.


You canbnot compare them. S9 is for Bitcoin. You should look at L3+. Who in the world would buy the new Titan at 7500 USD???


Looked like 1500 USD. I will say this: KNC has probably one of the most tested designs out there for a hashing platform. They ran the same implosion style power system from the Jupiters through Neptunes through Titans and it’s pretty well thought out.

Hope they add optoisolators on the SCL lines though… And make the chips disconnectable on the hotel supplies. Anyone got a contact, I’d be happy to give them some thoughts…


Beware of this “new” KNC web site and “new” titan.

That domain was registered a week ago, and the site looks terrible.

I’m not buying their story, it doesn’t add up and doesn’t seem legit at all.

Use caution. Scams are bad m’kay?


I will look into it. There is one other thing I thougt strange… Will be back in the matter…


THIS IS A FRAUD ! I have checked with the CEO…


Not only that; and they just dropped the “price” from USD 7500 to USD 1499…


Hawken thx for checking. Yes its a SCAM / FRAUD! Let everyone know… Admin needs to make a sticky, and track down the users that posted links, info about this in the first place. The scammers so called new KNC COMPANY published in several news websites so the trap is set. I hear that scammers have been reported to the swedish police. Lets hope they get shut down before anything.


Drat that sucks. Noted, thanks for checking in on this one.


Thanks for the heads up! I was just recently scammed for being a greedy dummy, and anything to cool my jets is greatly appreciated.