Start mining on Raspberry Pi 3 B


Hi everybody! I’ve never mined any cryptocurrency and i want to start mining Litecoin with my Raspberry Pi 3 B but I don’t know how to start and even if it’s possible with that hardware


you cannot mine litecoin on a raspberry pi 3…I tried…it wont turn in any valid shares as scrypt algorithm is way too labor intensive for the cpu being there is only 1 gb on ram on it…you can run a usb mining device such as a LKetc off of a raspberry along with gridseeds, zeus’ or any other usb mining device…

but if your feelin froggy here is a cpu miner for raspberry that works but I’d recommend mining a coin that works on a cpu better like zcash or monero…there is currently no implementation for the x11 video card on the raspberry that i am aware of anyway…

Raspberry Pi 3 CPU Miner

feel free to check out my new website which is a miner that works on any device that has a web browser:
ADECMiningpool Java Miner
just create an account and I will set you up a page with a personal miner that will mine the Monero blockchain…and I am paying out (Pay per Hash a.k.a. PPS or pay per share) in Litecoin, Bitcoin or Monero

I connected my Raspberry Pi 3 to my pool last night and it gets a constant 1 hashes per second…(cooling required)
ran it using only 1 core at 50% and it ran great for a long time with no heat issues…only got 0.3 Hashes per second though…so I am getting a heat-sink and fan for it very soon and will have a “USB ASIC Like Miner” that I never have to unplug or shutdown that only uses 10 watss max…
Do NOT Expect a Large Payout from Samller Devices or Slower CPU’s
Mining Requires Large amounts of Memory and the Raspbery Pi 3 only has 1 GB of RAM
ADEC Miner works on any Device that has a Web Browser and is connected at a decent WiFi or Ethernet speed
Works Best in Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers


Thank you very much for your reply :blush:


I’ve found a model of Banana Pi which has better specifications than Raspberry Pi 3, it’s about 70$ (90 with shipping) maybe it would be a better option than those USB mining device.
This is the link to the concrete model on the Banana pi website:


There is also one Odroid that maybe could do it too:


I am trying to make a cluster myself and mine monero…I know that can be done and be very profitable as well…


I tried clustering pi’s together to mine various things. Fun project but in the end you are actually better off doing cloud mining with someone like Genesis. they are in Iceland which helps with the overhead of cooling and electricity, and the offer life time contracts of hashing power that you can purchase for a one time fee, and use to mine litecoin, bitcoin, monero, etherum etc… you can also move your hashing power around at will which is nice…

check them out, if you use this link you get a discount:


I already have a lifetime bitcoin contract with them…lol
I just want to do it so I can learn more about coding of the mining process to a processor…I already have a decent size “mini” LTC farm going…I just have like 3 Pi’s sitting here and I am always looking for fun coding /hardware projects…

ever since I saw the video of a guy who was able to take an old school NES and mine Bitcoin with it…I have been obsessed with mining with any processor I can find…may not find a block but at some pools like PPS payout pools every hash is worth something…power is not much of an issue when it comes to initial learning in my eyes…always room for upgrades and mods…


Cool. Yeah I hear you. I have like 3 rapsberry Pi’s and about 10 pi zeros, always fun to play and learn. I just found it more profitable in the end to sell off my USB Asics and reinvest the money in crypto or cloud mining in the end. But I know the ferver…