"Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool"How to get the coins back?


The dumpprivkey or the address (LfaUCnX4ZMxm4gb4gZ5dLQXtZhijwwgP8V) is the address where I would like to send the coins. So of course there are no coins because all of it are still on my wallet.dat.
When I enter in the console: dumpprivkey "what address do I have to put in here?"
What is my private key/private address?


the address that has the coins is the one you are trying to recover right? and that address is in your backup.dat file?..

if you replace your wallet.dat file with your backup and rename it wallet.dat then you can dump your private key because the key is in your backup…

if the address containing the coins is not in your backup then you cannot recover its private key

there are no coins in LfaUCnX4ZMxm4gb4gZ5dLQXtZhijwwgP8V so there is no point in obtaining the key to sweep it…

obviously you’d want to dump the key to the address that contains the coins


How can I recover that private key and what do you mean by “dump your private key”?
I did the following in the console:

What kind of address is the last one?


the last one is your private key and is all the information required to steal the coins that belong to that public address:

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER posty a private key on a website…now that key can be brute force attacked and someone can sweep your coins to their wallet…I advise you to spend the coins in that wallet (LM556z…) and not ever use that address again…

in core you unlock your wallet then type importprivkey (followed by the private key)
your coins will popup right up once that is done

private keys can only be recovered from the wallet they are saved on…so if your wallet.dat file does not contain a key for an address then it will not see those coins


Hi, I’ve found hanging transaction, maybe someone could advice me what to do with it, here are the details:

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 18.12.2013 01:12
Credit: ***LTC
Net amount: ***LTC
Transaction ID: 070dc0ada0465131a2fc71968eb516a455e4c41a29f408f7d0aa89b9f31870fb
Transaction total size: 226 bytes
Output index: 1


right click the transaction and select “abandon transaction” then create a new transaaction paying a higher sending fee or at least the minimum recommended amount of 0.001 LTC per kb

if that still does not work you need to make sure that your node is broadcasting transacitons to the blockchain…using command line options to generate blocks or a config file with gen=1 in it