Status van LCC?


LCC did professional work by creating LCC. Litecoin holder got there LCC 10 to 1. SEEMS TO BE NOT A SCAM?? My question is: Why is it impossible to sell them? Why has LCC been blocked by all other dealers?? Where does the monney come from? How do they survive financially?. Anyone predictor quality???

Al my problems are resolved, Got al my LCC!. What to do with the first Litecoin wallet ???


The reason why nobody is answering your post is probably because your questions do not make any sense.
First of all you can sell LCC. Check LCC official site for a list of exchanges. Second, LCC is not blocked or anything. And I don’t know what you mean with “predictor quality”.
Then you say your problems are resolved but afaik you didn’t describe your problem in the first place :slight_smile: