TOP 10 Best Litecoin Faucets (Free Litecoin)


All the Best Cryptocurrency Faucets starting with the best : Litecoin :slight_smile:

TOP 10 Best Litecoin Faucets :

TOP 10 Best Bitcoin Faucets :

All Bitcoin Faucets (over 50) :

TOP 10 Best Ethereum Faucets :

TOP 10 Best Dogecoin Faucets :


The website got a big update, a lot of changes. Now it can be found under :slight_smile:


You can also find the french version :


after one day of playing you get almost 0.5 dollar


Did you play whole day ?
Because you just need 30 seconds to go claim, it’s not a work :slight_smile:


there is no money in it.
I need at least 0.01 bitcoin a day that is 1000000 satoshi…


You have to combine all the faucets, and not only Litecoin…
And not only faucets also, you have to do differents things, not just one.


Well, just take a punt at instead. Might be better than running your electricity bills through the roof.


What is it ?