Trying to find my coins


I bought a few litecoins last summer and sent them to my Litecoin Core Wallet from Coinbase. A month ago I had to run some clean up on my computer and redownload the wallet app. It did not ask me to sign in in anyway and when it was down syncing it did not have my Litecoin in it. I can find the transaction information on Coinbase but don’t know how to make that put the coins into my new wallet. Any ideas?


what is the public address you sent the coins to and the transaction id…
in your coinbase wallet…select “Accounts” at the top of the page…then click your Litecoin wallet so you see the transaction history on the right…then click the most recent send…this should give you a popup window showing a transaction id
go here:
and select “Block Explorer” at the top of the page and then select "Litecoin and enter either the Public address you sent the coins to see everything about the history of that address (send and receive amounts, etc.) or the transaction id which will tell you if it is confirmed or not…

Coinbase gets backlogged sometimes and you may need to email them at [email protected] and tell them you need your transaction (id) broadcast to the blockchain…

if it is already broadcast and confirmed…then you may need to get the private key for the address on the app that you sent the coins to and import it into a different wallet