UNOMP Comprehension



I am testing some unomp LTC pools and and wondering if I can get a clarification on the payments notifications. I see that my miners are accepting shares but when the payments notifications occurs it is blank. Is this correct? I do believe I have everything provisioned correctly and I am not in test mode.


check the address you are mining for to see if there are any pending payments to it on or any litecoin block explorer…if that pool is mining on an empty spit of the chain then you are confirming transactions and getting nothing for it…make sure you are supporting the newest format SEGWIT in particular…if that old pool your connecting to is still set to non SEGWIT then you are mining empty blocks with no rewards and your screen is correct


Thanks for the comment. I have checked the address in the litecoin.json on block explorer and it is currenlty 0.

I’m using litecoin version 139900 pre-release build so it should be SEGWIT enabled. Do you think I should downgrade to v13.2? I see the error but have read that it should still be okay to use.

I am not sure why this version compiled instead of 13.2 nor am I confident on the procedure to downgrade/overwrite as needed. I haven’t found any preferred instructions to do so anywhere on the web. Any advice is appreciated.


If your solo mining you wont get any coins unless you find a block…but pool mining you have to set your payout address at the pools website…has nothing to do with the version you are using…so if your solo mining and it says payment received…that just means your wallet got a payment…and has nothing to do with mining…only when you find a block will you see anything from that



I am also facing the same problem . I have created a UNOMP pool for litecoin.
And I have connected my miner towards to my pool.

If anyone have solution regarding payment
My wallet is also not updating with payment. While my pool is continuing accepting shares.
Kindly reply .


shares are not blocks…when you find a block you will see a transaction hash which is a transaction of 25 LTC going to your wallet


I am doing mining direct into my wallet… And there is nothing like if block will found then only I will get transaction… Each and every share give Satoshi into wallet … if anyone don’t want to disclose it then it’s fine but don’t spread those things which is technically and practically not happening …



you must not understand what true solo mining is…shares are not found at all when solo mining…only block hashes are found to confirm a block…
P2Pool is different…it is a side chain that accepts shares and every time a block is found that share goes to another block to get confirmed up to 160 times before it gets sent to your wallet…this is also how majority of pools operate…so if you are truly solo mining you will not see the word "share " on your screen…you can solo mine using P2Pool and accept shares and the mine directly to your wallet…
true solo looks for block hashes only…not shares (pieces) of that block hash
Look up what a PPLNS payout system is and you’ll understand why pools operate the way they do…by splitting up the block hash to multiple users so they can find the answer faster…which is what a share is…

if you were mining solo you would not be breaking up the hashes to be solved in pieces like pools do…you can set up your own pool though and accomplish this…like P2Pool


Ok, I understand but what I am looking at some of videos there people are using ubuntu to make their pools and wallet . And doing direct mining into their wallet . I have also created my pool UNOMP and mpos. And my pool have accepted hashes and shares … But my wallet did not updated . And one of a guy has made a virtual machine to mine Bitcoin and on 3000 mhs he was able to get $165 in an hour… one month ago… so how it is possible that when a block is found only then wallet will update.



shares need 160 confirmations and blocks only need 6…
those pools which shares need 160 confirmations are using sidechains to build blocks like p2pool does and similar to how the lightning network is setup…hopefully you understand what I mean by that…
you can mine like that directly to a wallet and the transactions come in labelled as “Mined coins” as well…
however…if you mine “truely” solo and you find a block you will receive 25 LTC in one transaction ( and will not find “shares of a block hash”)…those sidechains split the 25 coins between all connected peers when a block is found

#11 is an example of a “sidechain pool” which needs 160 confirmations before coins are paid and is an example of a “truly solo pool” which only needs 6 confirmations for coins to be paid


Which means if I am mining directly on wallet , do I get coins in Satoshi or in this case also I need to find block?

As I am doing direct mining on litecoin -qt wallet with CPU pooler .


you should need to find a block in order to get paid 25 Litecoins each time you find one…no shares are found, turned in, solved or anything like that…only block hash solutions are mined for instead of share solutions…at the current difficulty you will need an ASIC to find a block on litecoin of a minimum of 100 MH/s …which gives you about a 30% chance of finding a block withing 30 days…and only needs 6 confirmations and is highly unlikely you’ll ever find a block at only 100 mh…

if running P2Pool proxy in the middle will get you fractions (sathoshi’s) every time a block is found by one of your peers…after 160 confirmations but will only get paid for your shares…

you can mine directly to a wallet in both methods…p2pool wont run with out a daemon to connect to like litecoind which is also what is run to mine solo without a intermediate proxy type server…(where only full blocks are found)

here’s a calculator for ya…



Thanks for this useful information… I was taking mining in a different way but the information you have provided me has changed my mind …



It really just all depends on the miners you have and how you are controlling them that determines your best setup options…glad to help…



I have 2 A4 dominator combined hash is 560mh/s for litecoin and which is giving me near about $15 per day … now I am looking to manage my own pool and I have tried to make one for me I made one UNOMP and one MPOS pool on both the pool my miner is just accepting shares or hashes but my LTC wallet is not updating … I not understanding that why my wallet is not updating. … In 1 hours I received more than 15000000 shares but still my wallet did not updated with coins … if any one can help in this I will be thankful…



you wallet will only “update” when you find a block and get paid 25 Litecoins mining that way…

a share is not a block and solo mining only pays for block hash solutions


Ok, I got it … Which means mining is just based on luck …


yep…shares are “pieces of a block hash” if that makes sense…and you can “increase your luck” with more miners connected to one wallet a.k.a. “a mining pool”


Ok,… now I understand. Thanks for helping…