UNOMP Comprehension



In this my stratum has detected a block. May I know what does this mean?

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that does not mean you found any blocks…that means you found an answer to your small share of the block hash…

you cannot find a block only mining at 12 kh/s anyways…please look at this calculator:

and this beginners guide:

pools split up the block hash and send out small pieces to all the workers then those workers find a solution to that potion of the hash and all are submitted as a complete block hash solution.
every hash is a potential block hash solution but the main wallet verifies if it is a block hash solution and then sends 25 Litecoins to the main wallet that is running the server…

in the links above the main server is being run by


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I got it what you are saying… So , in this image you are also watching that I have accepted some share or hashes… Right… So my question is do I get some reward of these accepted share or hashes ?

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I was thinking about solo mining, looked into p2pool but realized that isn’t really solo mining. Is UNOMP what I need to look into for solo mining?

Also, does it make the Litecoin network in any way more robust or reliable if more people mine solo vs. in pools? Idk if that’s even the right way to ask that…


if the pool pays out on a PPS system then yes…if they payout using PPLNS then you have to be mining when the pool finds a block…(see payout system)
…then the block reward is split among the pool based on your contribution towards that block hash solution pays out PPS (Pay Per Share) so you’ll get paid every time that miner window gives you a “yay!!”

P2Pool is your best bet besides PPS payouts unless you have enough hashing power to find a whole block or you plan on never turning off you miner…
I usually turn my miners off for at least 4 hours per day to hopefully prevent over heating problems…seems to help with temp control in the server cabinet though…every time I disconnect my bitcoin miner from slushpool…I miss out getting paid on any blocks they find when i am not mining…it really sucks when they find 3 or 4 in a row and I am not connected…sometimes I don’t miss any payouts though…
but for litecoin…any PPS payout or P2Pool is a good choice…


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Well I have also tried to mine on slush pool but the problem I was getting on slush pool it runs 10 minutes and next 10 minutes it stops automatically.

So took my s9 from there.

Now about my mining litecoin.

As I told you that the pool on which I am mining this is my own pool . I have created or made it by myself.
Now payout system I have choose in my pool is PPS , I hope u r understanding what I am trying to say. So on that bases I got some share on my pool for litecoin .

I can choose any payout system in my pool … So I have choose PPS … But when I am getting shares on PPS system on my own pool , should I get some rewards while I am getting few shares ?




Every “Share” is a “Guess” towards the block hash solution…you keep guessing until you find the correct answer…its all based on luck…which is why the more machines you have mining or “guessing” at one time…the better “Luck” you have…or the more likely you are to find a block.

you Can Not “Choose” PPS payout if you are running your own pool…PPS payouts are paid by the pool administrator…not by the blockchain algorithm

if your running your own pool you can’t pay yourself per share…

the algorithm will give you coins when you find a block hash solution and you will only get 25 coins when one of those “shares” is the correct solution for a block…if you are mining on your own pool

Technically every “Share” is a “Potential” block solution. The “Share” gets turned into the wallet(server) and then gets compared to the block hash…if they match then you get paid…if no match then you try again…

Pools Like are paying everyone out of pocket in hopes that one of the workers connected will find a block…

P2Pool is different…you get paid every time one of your peers finds a block or you find a block on P2Pool