Wallet locked even without passphrase



I had installed my Litecoin core wallet about a year back. I had not set any passphrase. 3 days back, seeing the rate of increase of LTC price, just for testing purpose, I converted 0.1 BTC to LTC. Though I got 5.7 LTC in my wallet, I’m unable to send it to another address as the wallet is locked.What can be done here ? Can someone please help ? I wish to convert more BTCs to LTC.


if its asking for a passphrase and you don’t have one and it still wont let you send by just clicking yes without a password then you more than likely have a password behind it…you said you did it over a year ago…are you sure there is not a password? you can use hashcat to recover the password though…I usually do this for people for a small fee if they cannot do it themselves or just don’t have the time…


How much do you charge ?


May I know how much is your fee ?


always be careful sending your wallet to someone else. if he is able to crack the password, he is also able to take your coins. Furhter to be sucessfull, it would be very helpful if you can provide some details on the password.

Cheers, XuS


you can watch everything I do by following the address you give me on block explorer…

usually about .10LTC per day of running my GPU…sometimes I can find it faster using dictionary method if you know what the password starts with or how many characters are in it…numbers upper and lower case etc…


were you ever able to help him? if so, is it because he knew part of the passphrase?


I have not found a single password from any of my customers because they do not know at all what the password could be…but if they did know what the word is and forgot symbols of letters then yes I can find it using “word mangling rules”…