Wanna sing dont worry be happy? litecoin!


I tell ya! I’m so happy and feel so peaceful knowing my coins are in a Ledger Nano Wallet!! What a sigh of relieve knowing my coin are safe. There is a catch tho. If a hacker decided to pinpoint your wallet, Out of million users of this wallet. When your in a tranasaction mode transferring your coin, they can hack it while your in wi -fi mode. Heck thats the only way to hack your wallet. Eh dont worry about it be happy! lmao!



I agree. The Ledger Nano S is awesome.


I been watching videos on litecoin on youtube. Hardly any inspiring vids about litecoin. No one out there marketing litecoin, and charlie is out there with his conservative, mundane chats, which i do find it informational. I think we need a Amanda Johnson out there plugging litecoin.
If we relying only Segwit to boost our litecoin, then will be in a world of hurt. Newbies, I think really dont understand what the concept of litecoin is. It has both world of security–fast transactions, and low fees. , decentralization. Correct me if Im wrong !! Hey Charlie, if I had 100 million dollars, I would invest it into Litecoin so you can do marketing like DASH does. Lmao. Omg did I say that??:cold_sweat:


LITES HAS AWAKEN!! DID YOU SEE ON POLONIEX!? LITECOIN WENT UP AND UP AND i MADE A KILLING ON IT ALSO WITH RIPPLE! Dang ripple went thru the rooF and at the same time lite was bangin! Who said litecoins wouldent get anywhere? Who said litecoin members , dont know nothing! Omg Im gloating! Well heck I desrve it for making the right decision 5 k worth!