Why I Sold All My LTC Just Now :(


Well then go buy btc. Because it’s a sure profit after aug 22.

everyone thought lTc was going to be like 100 - 200 after aug 1 but it only went up to 52.

LTC will always go up, but you’d have to wait. BTC didn’t ■■■■ up like everyone wanted it to. . . so ltc kinda gets left behind until lightning happens
or until Charlie goes on CNN again <3


The chart is funny, it does not show any sign of uptrend


Litecoin will always go up eventually :slight_smile:


damn if you would have only kept it. it’s at $84 today


Giving too much attention to hype and news feeds is only for day trading. You have to understand and trust the market if you’re going to be investing in any trade-able market. Litecoin just bust through a ceiling of resistance and may keep climbing. If you’re going to be emotional about investing you’re only going to loose. Ride the waves and know when to cut loose.


I think you’ve learned your lesson.

LTC is one of the cryptos i have the most trust in it… buy low, set walls and hodl!!


So the upside to Litecoin is that it is cheap. I bought 1000 usd worth because I figured what the hell? It’s not like it’s going to disappear. I also bought at 70 and like an idiot and hung on to it after it hit 80. I got greedy, hung on, saw it drop to the 40’s and figured, It will eventually come back. So it looks like I am locked into it now more for the long term:) I like the idea of Litecoin in that there are more of them and they have a reasonable value. 50-100 bucks for a litecoin is not a daunting amount. Buying a Bitcoin now for $4200 is a bit more intimidating. It’s like buying an Apple Stock. You know it’s a good Idea, but it’s so damn high.However, I actually use Bitcoin to buy things. I have been using it as a useful unit of exchange since it was hovering around 600 bucks. I kinda started kicking myself when I realized I have spent over 20,000 in current bitcoin/usd value on 2800 in crap. So it goes. My major problem is with litecoin is what in the hell can I buy with it? I can buy a ton of junk with bitcoin. I am more of a outvestor than an investor. I would like to buy things with lite coin. You know, candy, cracker jacks, socks, batteries, tampons, bullets, and everything else I can buy cheap from asia. Any suggestions. Otherwise I am with this guy at the top of this thread. If I can’t spend it, why have it?


if you plan to spend it the second you get it…then why buy in the first place?
the thing I love most about crypto is that I am the only one in the world with access to my money using my key and passwords…period…and there is nothing anyone can do to change that…you keep dollars…those are seizable at anytime for no reason at all in most circumstances…especially when it comes to contact with law enforcement officials…

the key to trading is to buy low and sell high…your problem is that you are buying a coins and still counting dollars…
try buying one and knowing you have 1…
if you traded crypto for crypto…then you can use dollar amount crashes to your advantage to earn more bitcoins, ether or whatever else you want…

it doesn’t matter what a coin is worth until you sell it…there could be a market crash that recovers in 1 hour and if you never knew about it you’d be pissed off that you missed out on buying in cheap so why get mad because you didn’t sell at the top?


This was some thread to read through.


Should have HODL’d. Those who seem to do the best, consistently, are the ones who buy and hold with long horizons. I know it goes against instinct, but I have learned that whenever I want to sell is usually the best time to buy.

I hope you’re still in crypto and having a strong hand.


This serves as a reminder to me. Thank you


Bro…just stahp…


Feels for the OP


Litecoin Price Forecast – LTC Drops 2% on Absurdly Low Trading Volume


Reading this whole enitre thread just put a nice smile on my face being a #LTC holder/Worker since last year and its paid off very WELL for me! I feel bad for the people that sold “smh”. The days of ANY VC that can make you rich with a $5,000 invesment is LONG GONE! NOW, if you invest it would be smart to start selling products or Services in the VC you choice to support and put your hard work into!:slight_smile:

And remeber “Try working for your VC” and if you can’t WORK FOR IT! DONT INVEST INTO IT!!!


Bad to heat that, Ltc just reached up to $70 but maybe the happiness won’t last that long if we had a drop in trading volumes.


How you feel now EckhartJV?

I’m sure you kick your ass, when you just see the price of Litecoin is going slowly higher and higher… and every of your then purchased $15 Litecoin is now (26 Nov 2017) is $87!
I wish I know about this a year ago, when this currency was dirt cheap!

You still have chance to get rich in couple of years, if you have patience!


Have you learned yet?

Bitcoin broke 12k and Litecoin has been sitting above 100.

You are not an investor. You are a day trader and a bad one at that.

You are way too emotional to handle the stresses that come from daily fluctuations. I strongly recommend that if you want to continue in the cryptocurrency realm that you switch to an investment strategy. That involves a long term investment and for you to stop watching the market daily.
you have to look at the overall trend and not the spikes and dips as they average out over time.

Learn how markets work.
Then learn how that applies to cryptocurrency.
Then you can research individual coins.


Can I please have buy more that cheap LTC? :slight_smile: I got in at $50, I thought it was cheap, and I believe it’s still way UNDERVALUED.


My cousin told me today to buy this stuff I know nothing about it so I bought four ltc at about 130 a piece and tonight it’s alresdy over 180 seems pretty legit to me. I don’t know much about it but I buy and sell retail products every day. The amount of money I invested in this I don’t care if I lose it all by tomorrow so the risk is really nothing for me. I’m just curious what people think the highest this stuff will go is. I kind of had it in the back of my mind to buy it now and sell it the same time next year if I doubled my money it would just be extra gifts for the kids in my family. But I mean if it does what I saw bitcoin do I’ve the year I could probably pay off some debt. If your in it for the long haul how long is the long haul? Like I mentioned before I don’t need the money I invested so I’m not to worried about it just curious what people think this stuff will cap at.