Batpool signaling Segwit according to!


Havent seen then signaling before :). Only LTC1BTC, and Antpool left amongst the big ones…


Wasnt ProHashing supposed to start signaling Segwit?


Looking good for Segwit, but I thought LTC1BTC is not going to support it because the code is to complex in their opinion???
But if and Antpool kick in, we are at >75%


New hashpower pointed in the right direction will also do the trick :slight_smile:


True, but we need an extra 800Ghash to get to 75%… that’s a lot
I think miners should be aware that they can easially switch to pools that do support segwit, 5 minutes most…
At this moment if would support, that would be enough. We are very close now, 68%!!


Checked it up. ProHashing will start signaling after tests etc late April


I believe you are mistaken in regards to how SegWit is activated.

The miners need to find 75% of the blocks during a retarget period, not just occupy 75% of the network hash. It will take more than a 5 minute switch.